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Concert Orchestra on 24-day European tour

May 18, 2012 | Chase Replogle

The Evangel University Concert Orchestra is currently on its fourth European tour. The 24-day itinerary includes 22 performances in numerous cities including Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin.

The music the orchestra is performing includes selections from their classical and pops repertoire, as well as various arrangements of hymns and gospel music.

The orchestra’s concert schedule includes both sacred concerts in churches and community concerts in various venues.

“One of our objectives for the trip is to expand our students’ cultural awareness,” says Dr. Larry Dissmore, Concert Orchestra director.

“During the tour, the students have the opportunity to stay with host families in France, Germany and the Netherlands,” Dissmore says. “I can think of no better way for them to learn about the culture than to spend time with the people who live there.”

Richard Crabb, pastor of a new church in Hofheim, Germany, expressed his appreciation for the orchestra’s visit. He commended the group for communicating, at least in part, in German.

“They did a good job with their German,” he says. “The people appreciated the attempt by Americans to speak their language. I believe they were all touched by the song in German.”

Crabb saw the orchestra’s visit as an important cultural experience for the members of his church and community.

“Thank you for your performance at our new church,” he says. “The concert let the people in the city know we are here. It was definitely a church growth opportunity.”

 The group spent some free time in Paris this week, visiting major cultural and historical sites. Their itinerary also includes stops in Belgium, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands before they return to the United States on May 29.

Dissmore is pleased with the experience the orchestra is having on the trip and the response of the people in cities around the world.

“Attendance at two French performances was outstanding with 350 people attending in Metz and 400 in Clamart,” Dissmore says. “The response to the music was exuberant.”

 The orchestra also will perform at the United States Air Force Base in Spangdahlem, Germany, on May 17.

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