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Evangel grad selected to lead international organization

June 25, 2012 | Evangel University News

There are plenty of good reasons for an adult to earn a college degree — a promotion or career change are the most common.

Then there are people like Brenda Cirtin, who already had a college degree, a great job and no desire to change. At least not until she discovered Evangel University’s adult-focused Professional Studies program.

“Going back to college as an adult gave me a perspective that has proven invaluable,” she said.

When asked what made her want to go back, Brenda replied, “I had a degree from another college, but it was not related to my profession. I wanted to be able to eliminate the phrase ‘degree in an unrelated field’ from both my resume and my conversation. Once I learned of Evangel’s Professional Studies program, I knew that was the answer I needed.”

She completed her Bachelor of Business Administration degree in 2002, and the experience has taken her to places she never dreamed possible.

International influence

Brenda has served as the city clerk for Springfield, Missouri, since 1993.

Brenda Cirtin executing one of her official duties as City Clerk, swearing in Springfield's new mayor, Robert Stephens.

Brenda Cirtin executes one of her official duties as City Clerk, swearing in Springfield, Missouri’s new mayor, Robert Stephens.

As city clerk, she provides support to the mayor and City Council, records the official minutes of the City Council meetings and several boards, commissions and committees, supervises office support functions, coordinates municipal elections with the county clerk, and serves as repository for all official city records.

In May 2012, she was named president of the International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC), during their 66th Annual Conference in Portland, Oregon.

The IIMC is a professional nonprofit association with more than 9,500 members throughout North America and 15 other countries, representing municipalities with populations ranging from 1,000 to more than 8 million.

There is little doubt in Brenda’s mind that the degree from Evangel helped build her confidence to take on this international position.

“Earning the BBA at Evangel provided a level of knowledge and confidence that helped me leave my comfort zone and expand my horizons,” she said.

Brenda’s years of service with IIMC have reflected a steady upward trajectory, leading to the IIMC Executive Committee in 2010 when she was elected vice president.

“I have been incredibly blessed of God in allowing me to serve in this profession. He has opened doors I never imagined walking through,” she said. “He has also blessed me with elected officials who have been supportive in pursuing this endeavor.”

On a daily basis, Brenda lives Evangel’s focus on community service.

“I encourage Christians everywhere to see how they can become involved in their community,” she stressed.

“We need men and women with strong Christian principles to be willing to serve in every level of government. Who knows — God’s man/woman of the hour might be you.”

TOP PHOTO CAPTION: Springfield (Missouri) City Clerk Brenda Cirtin was recently installed as president of International Institute of Municipal Clerks by Colleen Nicol, immediate past president of IIMC and city clerk of Riverside, California.

—  Paul K. Logsdon, director of public relations & publications for Evangel University

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