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EU piano professor Greg Morris earns Taekwondo black belt

July 11, 2012 | Valorie Coleman

You would think that a piano instructor would do everything he can to protect his fingers. That would make sense.

Then there is Dr. Greg Morris, professor of piano at Evangel University, who recently earned his black belt in Taekwondo.

However, his students and coworkers weren’t too surprised by his martial arts alter ego.

“Most of my colleagues knew that I was already into motorcycles and bow hunting, so I guess adding martial arts to the list wasn’t a big shock,” Morris says. “I get the occasional friendly razzing, but they have been very positive about it.”

The hobby, which doubles as a great way to stay in shape, requires commitment. It took Morris three years to reach the black belt level.

“Earning my black belt at the age of 50 definitely means more to me than if I had done it at a younger age,” says Morris, a 1984 Evangel graduate.

“I’m very goal-oriented, and this was a good motivator to work out and keep going.  For me, it’s a testament to persistence, pain tolerance and sheer stubbornness much more than athletic ability.”

Greg Morris, professor of music at Evangel University, recently earned his black belt in Taekwondo.

Greg Morris, professor of music at Evangel University, recently earned his black belt in Taekwondo. His entire family is involved with the martial arts, including kids Sarah and Nick, and his wife, Sheila.

The entire family does Taekwondo together including wife Sheila, a 1983 grad, son Nick and daughter Sarah. The children have each earned multiple medals at national and international tournaments. Sarah, who will attend EU this fall, holds six national titles and a silver medal from the 2010 World Karate Confederation World Championships.

“As a result of martial arts, we spend more time together as a family and share more in common,” Morris says. “It’s even taken us around the country and world.”

Daughter Sarah will continue to be involved in martial arts during college. She and Nick will compete at the WKC World Championships in Montreal this fall. She will also continue as an instructor at Next Level Sport Karate.

— Valorie Coleman, Assistant Director of Public Relations for Evangel University

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