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Evangel University: Making meaningful connections

July 31, 2012 | Chase Replogle

There is something to be said for longevity — especially in an office that deals with repeat customers, like the alumni office at Evangel University.

For one thing, the foot-traffic never slows down, even in the summer. Alumni and visitors stop by on a daily basis as they travel through the area on vacation.

And then there are special events such as last week, when 30 volunteers gathered for two days to assemble the Homecoming mailing packets.

“The stability in the office makes it easier to get volunteers to return year after year,” says Chuck Cox, director of alumni relations for the past 26 years. “They know this is going to be a fun time to get together. Many look forward to it and bring friends.”

Coordinating the production is Jeaneen McNew, administrative assistant to Cox for the past 22 years.

“I enjoy making it a positive, enjoyable experience,” McNew says. “We make time for personal interactions, listening to stories and helping them enjoy their connection with Evangel.”

Cox explained that some of the volunteers are retired faculty and staff members.

“These friends like to keep connected,” he says. “They feel like they are contributing in a meaningful way. If it saves the University money, they feel they are helping fulfill our mission.”

McNew is responsible for the logistics of preparing the mailing. Five separate print pieces were collated into one mailer 19,000 times over the course of two days.

“Jeaneen has a thorough knowledge of the process — volunteers, printers, mailing regulations, deadlines,” says Cox. “Most importantly, she is an outstanding ‘relator.’”

“Whether it is a big event like homecoming, or the daily visitors who stop by to say hi, I enjoy the opportunity to put faces and names together,” says McNew.

This year’s Homecoming theme at Evangel is “Homecoming: The Original Social Network.”

“Evangel alumni will come from all over the country and around the world,” she concluded. “I love helping them make meaningful connections.”

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