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Second generation of Donaldsons lead Evangel students in day of service

September 7, 2012 | Evangel University News

If you asked a typical freshman what he thought he would be doing on the second day of college, the response would not be “wearing a hairnet.”

However, that is exactly what more than 400 Evangel students were doing as part of EU Launch — the University’s dynamic new-student-orientation program.

For several years, Evangel has integrated a service project into EU Launch. This year, they again partnered with Convoy of Hope. In just over four hours, the new students were able to prepare 5,000 bags of groceries to be sent to an outreach in Atlanta, Georgia, and more than 60,000 rice meals to be sent abroad to feed children in need.

Convoy of Hope was founded in 1994 by Evangel University alumni — brothers Hal, Steve and Dave Donaldson. All three brothers now have children at Evangel , including Bryant (pictured top left, son of Steve) and David (pictured top right, son of Dave). The cousins led 400 new Evangel students during a recent day of service at Convoy.

David believes that students taking time out of their jam-packed, new-student schedules, is time well spent.

Evangel University students work with Convoy of Hope

Devin Andreasen (right) had personal reasons to join more than 400 new Evangel University students who helped pack food supplies during a recent day of service at Convoy of Hope.

“The fact that Evangel is taking time to volunteer through EU Launch shows the school has its heart in the right place—they care about the community, and more so about hurting people around the world,” he says.

 “It’s amazing because the initiatives in foreign countries are not just about feeding kids, but Convoy enables them to go to school, too,” David says. “Education is one of building blocks of success on which Convoy focuses.”

Freshman Devin Andreasen knows firsthand the hope Convoy can bring to a community. His home town of Columbus, Indiana, was hit by a flood, and Convoy came to provide assistance. Andreasen volunteered along with his fellow church members. 

“I love it. I’m so glad Evangel is allowing us to do this because it is so rewarding to be helping,” Andreasen says.

Donaldson encourages his fellow students to consider volunteering more frequently.

“I think a lot of students know there’s a need,” he says. “But hopefully now they realize they can each make a difference.”

— Ana Pierce, 2012 graduate with Bachelor of Arts in English

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