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Campus maintenance work provides income opportunity for students over break

January 2, 2013 | Paul K. Logsdon

Anyone who does detailed work has figured out that they can get more accomplished when it’s quiet. That’s why some people go to work early and some choose to stay late — to avoid interruptions.

How would you like to be responsible for a task that is best done while everyone else is off celebrating Christmas? For one Evangel employee, it’s an accepted part of his job.

For the students who do the work with him, however, it is a blessing.

“I feel fortunate to have landed this job,” says Darin Frances, a freshman criminal justice major from Springfield, Missouri. “I am happy to be able to earn some money and keep busy during the holidays.”

The work requires walking, climbing, bending and twisting into tight spaces. It’s a good job for a student athlete, according to Frances, who plays baseball for the Evangel Crusaders.

 “Twice a year, we change every air filter on campus,” says Danny Johnson, preventative maintenance supervisor at Evangel. “The winter cycle is best done over Christmas break.”

Johnson has found that it’s a whole lot faster and easier to service the students’ rooms when no one is sleeping, showering or studying there. This year he has a team of five students, including Frances.

“It will take us three weeks to change the 1,710 air filters found in classrooms, offices, hallways and dorms,” says Johnson.  

During his 12 years at Evangel, Johnson has developed a routine system for every aspect of his job, from equipment maintenance to safety inspections. “It saves us money in the long run,” he says.

Working with students is just a bonus.

“They are all interesting and bring a different perspective,” Johnson says. “If their ideas work better and save Evangel time and money, I go with it!”

Johnson shows his appreciation for the fact that the students are willing to work over the holidays by feeding them.

“Not every day — but it is my way of letting them know I care for them,” he added with a smile.

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