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Evangel journalism students teach sixth graders for a day

January 22, 2013 | Paul K. Logsdon

Sixth graders from Nixa, Missouri, were all ears to hear advice from Evangel University’s journalism students when they visited their class last fall. Members of Evangel’s Society for Collegiate Journalists shared their inspiration at Summit Intermediate School.

Seniors Brena Swanson and Christine Temple, junior Jessica Nunley and sophomore Brandon Willis were invited to help teach for a day in Amanda Ward’s class. Previously, Temple had visited the class to give a lecture on journalistic principles — brainstorming ideas, unbiased journalism, editing and AP style. Following her presentation, the other three were invited to join in further training of the students.

The sixth graders were completing newspaper articles as part of an assignment. Temple says she was excited to visit, hoping that she might help ignite a passion for journalism among the young writers.

“Nurturing a love for writing is the most important thing we can teach kids in school,” Temple says. “Every profession requires at least basic writing skills.”

The Evangel students critiqued the articles that the Nixa students had written and offered advice for improvement. They corrected spelling and grammar, revised for AP style, and explained to the sixth graders why the changes were necessary.

Sydnie Hamburg appreciated the visit. “The writing lessons we received will make me a better writer,” she says.

“I loved seeing how excited the students were to show us their papers,” Swanson says. “You could tell they worked hard on their articles and were proud to have someone look at them. I made sure to compliment various aspects, but at the same time show them how they could improve. They welcomed the advice and asked a lot of questions.”

The completed articles were printed in a newspaper the students created, The Summit News.

Temple says she was proud of the final product from the students.

“I am really impressed with their work. They did an excellent job. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few of them became journalists,” she says.

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