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14-year-old Christopher Banks a valued member of the Evangel Crusader's basketball team

February 6, 2013 | Chase Replogle

The following article about the Evangel men’s basketball team’s “adopted” member, 14-year-old Christopher Banks (who had a brain tumor and suffers from seizures), was written by Casey Bayliss for the Springfield News-Leader and originally published on January 29, 2013. The heart-warming story was picked up by the USA Today and subsequently ran in papers all over the nation. Read on and you’ll see why this story about the incredible Evangel Crusaders and their biggest fan gained nationwide attention:

banks1 (2) If you’re ever following the Evangel University men’s basketball team, either in practice or a game, one of the Crusaders seems out of place, leaving you to think, “He’s too young to be on a college team.”

But for 14-year-old Christopher Banks, he is right at home with the family.

When he was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2008 — it turned out to be benign — doctors told the family that Christopher would not play sports again and he would likely die in his sleep.

“How is a mother supposed to sleep at night after hearing that?” Kimberly Banks said.

And yet here he is, three years since surgery and nudging into the Evangel pre-game huddle, the timeout huddle, jogging to the locker room at halftime and sitting on the bench as the Crusaders blitz through the season.

For three years, it’s been a fun ride since the team adopted him.

Read more at the USA Today.

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