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Evangel University students teach nutrition at Victory Trade School

February 22, 2013 | Paul K. Logsdon

The Cooks Kettle Kitchen in Springfield, Missouri, is a distinct dining experience. It’s actually an award-winning neighborhood restaurant, located on the corner of Boonville Avenue and Commercial Street, just miles from the Evangel University campus.

As part of Victory Trade School, Cooks Kettle Kitchen also doubles as a culinary school.

“VTS provides accredited education in culinary arts and discipleship programs for nontraditional students,” said Danny Hill, chair of GED and candidacy at the school. Their goal is to impact the community by transforming lives through education and social enterprise.

Last fall, Hill approached Evangel University seeking students majoring in health, sports science, medicine, physical education and nursing who are looking for volunteer hours or simply need practice leading a nutrition class.

“This class is essential to our students for their future careers as chefs and food service professionals,” Hill says.

The timing was perfect. Senior Physical Education majors Kharja Gillum and Brad Sandusky needed to complete independent studies to fulfill requirements for their health class. They each taught 10 one-hour nutrition classes at VTS throughout November and December.

Gillum says the students were fun to work with and eager to learn.

“They had a lot of questions, which prompted many discussions about nutrition facts and myths,” she says.

“I was very nervous about teaching, but after the first day, I felt very comfortable in front of the class. I learned a lot about myself as a teacher, and I gained good experience from interacting with the students.”

Sandusky also had a great experience with VTS. He says the students appreciated the class — they always enjoyed the homework and in-class activities, and they walked away learning something new each day.

“The students in my class were so positive and receptive. I knew they had been through a lot and were trying to move past that, but you would not know it just by interacting with them in class,” he says.

“I hope for the best for the students in my class, because I know they are capable of achieving whatever they want.”

  — Kelsey Reinhard, senior Journalism major from Quincy, Illinois

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