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Evangel honor society Alpha Chi receives exclusive “Star Chapter” recognition

March 22, 2013 | Ian Richardson

The  national college honor society, Alpha Chi, has recognized Evangel University’s Alpha Chi Missouri Rho chapter as a “Star Chapter,” a yearly award given to only 15 percent of the more than 300 chapters throughout the nation.

Alpha Chi is an honor society designed to promote scholarly activity and community service within its membership, which is open to the top 10 percent of juniors, seniors and graduate students.

Dr. Dale Scheusner, EU’s Alpha Chi co-sponsor, says the Star Chapter award recognizes Evangel as one of the top Alpha Chi chapters in the nation for student leadership and involvement.

“It means the chapter is doing what it is supposed be doing,” he says. “The local Alpha Chi is serving as a model for other chapters in the national organization.  What a great way to be a Christian witness.”

This is the fourth time Evangel has received this recognition since 2010.

Scheusner says Evangel’s chapter leads on-campus academic events such as the Faculty Research Forum in the fall and the Student Research Forum in the spring. Student members also engage in a variety of service projects throughout the community, present research at the national Alpha Chi convention and serve as Alpha Chi representatives on the national level. Evangel’s chapter holds a ceremony to induct new members each semester.

“We truly enjoy working with [student] officers and watching them take leadership on campus,” Dr. Laynah Rogers, Alpha Chi chapter sponsor, says. Rogers has been Evangel’s chapter sponsor since 2000 and has also become involved on the national Alpha Chi leadership team.

Rachel Nordquist, Alpha Chi member and junior, says her involvement with Alpha Chi has given her the opportunity to learn from her peers and see the work of departments and majors beyond her own. She said she feels honored to be part of a chapter to receive this recognition.

“It is inspiring to see the hard work that other students are putting into their education,” she says. “For me, this points to not just the excellence of Alpha Chi, but mainly to the excellence of Evangel as a whole.”

The Alpha Chi National Office will honor Evangel’s chapter with a certificate and proclamation at the Alpha Chi National Convention, which will be April 4 through 6 in Nashville, Tennessee. Rogers says Evangel’s chapter will also be the regional representative competing for the President’s Cup, a traveling trophy given to the best program in the nation. Rogers says Evangel took home this award in 2009.

“All of us can take note of this achievement and extend congratulations to the members, Dr. Rogers, and those who work with Alpha Chi,” says Evangel University President Robert H. Spence.

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