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Master of Organizational Leadership is life-changing experience for one Evangel grad

June 3, 2013 | Paul K. Logsdon

“This program rewired my brain to help me think differently about what I do,” says Heath Adamson, a 2013 graduate of Evangel University’s Master of Organizational Leadership program.

Adamson had 13 years of youth leadership experience in Iowa when he enrolled online at Evangel. A business degree would help him be a better leader, he reasoned.

“Evangel’s MOL program has a strong reputation for academic rigor, and it is affordable,” he says. “I needed the flexibility of doing most of the coursework online. But coming to Springfield for the hybrid’s four, weeklong, on-campus sessions helped establish strong relationships with others in my cohort.”

Adamson’s studies helped him grow in his understanding of business and leadership.

“Evangel teaches a perspective on leadership that I’ve not seen anywhere else,” he says. “In addition to being good stewards of our time and money, Evangel taught me that we are to be good stewards of relationships, of the talents of other people, even the dreams of others.”

Adamson came to realize that, “When a leader is insecure, it is tough to build a team. But a confident leader stewards others. A good leader will fuel the dreams of those with which he serves.”

His life calling is that of working with youth, and helping fuel their dreams is a responsibility that is not taken lightly. Through his time at Evangel, Adamson has developed a deep appreciation for surrounding himself with other leaders.

Midway through his two-year MOL program, he was approached about a major career change — he said yes.

Last summer, Adamson and his family moved to Springfield, and he became the senior director for the National Youth Ministries Division of the Assemblies of God.

In his new role, he works with a team to develop more effective ministry methods nationwide.”

“There is a difference between making good decisions and making right decisions,” Adamsom says. “Right decisions take knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

Evangel University offers its two-year Master of Organizational Leadership program both as a traditional, seated program and as a hybrid, with the majority of the work done online. An Open House is scheduled for June 18, 2013, for those who are interested in learning more about Evangel’s Adult and Graduate Studies programs.

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