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Work ethic paves way for Evangel business grad in England

June 19, 2013 | Paul K. Logsdon

Sean McClure is not afraid of change. He grew up in Chicago, studied in Germany and now works in England.

Early on, he developed a work ethic that has served him well. Following his 2006 graduation from Evangel with degrees in Marketing and Management, he decided his passion was the business side of media and landed a job with the Chicago Tribune.

McClure says, “I wanted to do marketing and applied for a position, which I didn’t get. What’s funny is that I did a ton of digging to make connections with the human resources people there in order to apply for that job and didn’t even realize the sales skills I was using in order to get to the right person.”

He continues, “One of those people saw me digging and said, ‘Hey, this guy should be selling — he knows how to get ahold of people.’

“After being shot down for the marketing position, they kept me on the phone, and said, ‘How would you like a position managing our event subscription sales team?’ — and the rest was history.”

After two years of award-winning sales efforts with the Tribune Company, McClure was named business development supervisor. In 2011, he earned the company’s first ever “Innovation Award” for his accomplishments in building multimillion dollar channels of communication.

The entrepreneurial spirit

Not one to rest on his awards, that same year McClure spent his nights and weekends co-developing a new online company, TableSAVVY, which specializes in upscale restaurant dining experiences and is exclusively partnered with Chicago Magazine.

“I set a path for where I wanted to be, and I worked hard to get ahead of the other people my age who were less willing to sacrifice time and fun for their career,” says McClure.

Now he looks back and says with confidence that all the sacrifices were worthwhile.

“Throughout your career, you learn where your passions lay and where your skills are best applied,” he says. “I figured out that I wanted to spend the rest of my life in the media industry, and I also wanted to make use of my international business skills.”

Next stop — London

Last November, McClure was hired by the massive Guardian News & Media, where he heads global business development for their digital agency. There he is working with some of the largest organizations and brands from around the globe.

“One of the hardest parts of my job right now is keeping up with all of the new technology and channels for communication,” he says. “It seems like a new social media network or communications app appears almost weekly and you have to know what all of them are capable of as well as how to strategically use them for marketing, advertising, or media purposes.”

On the other hand, “The most fun part of the job is the amazing place I’m living in,” he says. “London is one of the greatest cities in the world. There’s tons of opportunity to travel the globe on business, and the organization I work for is one of the biggest media companies in the world.”

At 30, he credits his success to solid teachers at Evangel and mentors at the Tribune Company who gave him great opportunities.

“The key lies in remaining focused on long-term goals while holding tight to moral standards,” he concludes. “Take advantage of every opportunity to gain experience, build up your network, and don’t compromise ethics for pay or promotions.”

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