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How a campus visit can change your college decision

September 5, 2013 | Ian Richardson

When Katelyn Bye arrived to visit Evangel’s campus, she already had plans to attend college in her home state of Oregon. Even though her parents wanted her to explore all her options before making the final decision, she wasn’t sure she wanted to live halfway across the country from her family.

But during that daylong visit, her outlook changed. One moment especially helped her realize Evangel was the place for her.

“As I completed my meeting with my admissions counselor, he prayed for me and my college search,” Bye says. “To him, that probably wasn’t a profound moment or a big deal at all, but to me, that changed my entire view of the school. I immediately felt like this was where I needed to be and where God wanted me to study.”

Katelyn Bye

A campus visit to Evangel was integral in helping Katelyn Bye decide to leave her home state of Oregon to attend school at Evangel University.

Now, Bye is finishing the final semester of her senior year at Evangel. She is also in her second year as an Evangel student host, interacting with visitors who are in the same place she was just a few years ago.

Many other Evangel students have stories of how they fell in love with Evangel during their visits to campus. Because while you can read about EU on the website, check out the photo galleries on Facebook or read the view books you get in the mail, nothing quite compares to experiencing Evangel in real life.

That’s where EU Visits come in.

Evangel offers several opportunities for prospective students to experience Evangel’s culture. This fall, Evangel is holding visit days every one to two weeks. Registration is now open, with the first Friday Visit scheduled for September 20.

Lacey Mussetter, Evangel’s campus visit coordinator, says visits are important because they allow students to ask questions and feel what life on campus is really like.

“It is important to meet professors and students in order to get a better idea of what Evangel is all about,” she says.

During a typical Friday Visit, prospective students receive a tour of Evangel’s campus, experience a Chapel service, sit in on a class, eat lunch on campus with a student host, meet with a professor from their academic department of interest and meet with their admissions counselor. Parents have the opportunity to sit in on a parent panel that will answer questions they might have.

“During their time on campus, prospective students get to hang out just as if they are a student on campus,” Mussetter says.

While prospective students can schedule visits on any weekday, Mussetter recommends attending a Friday Visit Day, which give students the opportunity to stay overnight in the residence halls.

“There are so many more options available to student visitors to participate in,” Mussetter says. “I encourage overnight visits because this allows prospective students to get a real picture of the student campus life, which is a lot of fun. It is also an opportunity for them to meet other prospective students and parents and have discussions about the similar processes and stages that they are going through.”

To introduce prospective students to current students, Evangel has a team of student hosts to guide them through the visit day activities. These student hosts also house the students in their residence hall rooms during overnight visits and include them in their evening activities.

“Overnight visits really give students the chance to get to know campus better and explore Springfield,” says senior Karah Ludwig, who is in her second year as a student host. “I have a great group of girls on my floor, and we will usually all get together and either go out for coffee or ice cream around town, check out fun events on campus like Fashion Fever, intramural sporting events or even just enjoy a movie in the dorms.”

The overnight visits are also good times to ask questions and learn student-to-student what Evangel life is really like. Bye says many students she meets just need someone to talk to about what college is like.

“They are at a critical point in their lives when they are trying to make a crucial decision about their future,” Bye says. “I love listening to them and helping them through their concerns and apprehensions.”

Interested in checking out Evangel’s campus in real life? You can find a list of upcoming Friday Visit days and register online. Friday visits do fill up quickly and registration closes when they are full, so sign up early.

EU Student Hosts

Evangel’s 2013/14 student hosts are ready to show prospective students what EU life is all about.

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