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Steve ‘Hollywood’ Walton’s 20 years of service to Evangel have impacted thousands of students

December 10, 2013 | Ian Richardson

Evangel students are taught that everyone has a calling, and every job can be a ministry. That foundation is central for the students who enroll and the staff and faculty who choose to work here.  One Evangel employee, Steve “Hollywood” Walton, found his calling to serve at Evangel almost 20 years ago and quickly became one of the most recognizable and beloved figures on campus.

Whether he’s cleaning up trash or shoveling snow around campus, cheering on the Crusader basketball team or hanging out with the guys in Scott Hall, Hollywood is always serving as an encourager to the Evangel family.

As a groundskeeper for almost 20 years and adopted member of one of the men’s residence hall floors, Scott Second South (“The Pier”), for 25 years, Hollywood has befriended thousands of students and alumni. His longevity and passion for Evangel have given him a unique perspective on the things that make the University such a special place. He is a faithful supporter of Evangel athletics and intramurals, dressing up as “Victory Man,” the S2S mascot, during the floor’s intramural games.

When he’s not busy on campus, Hollywood is usually involved in ministry at his church or playing on a local basketball team through A Sporting Chance.

1. What do you love about Evangel, and what keeps you coming back?

The people. I come back because of the students. I enjoy being around them. They are like my family, so that’s what keeps me coming back. When the people change, it’s a new transition, but it’s nice to meet new people as well as the old people who were here.

2. People call you a Crusader super fan. What do you love about EU athletics?

It’s fun because you get to learn a lot about the history, the people, the scores and the teams we play. My favorite sport to watch is basketball because I play basketball on a team in the city. I like the Evangel players – they are really good.

Steve Walton groundskeeper

Hollywood is known for doing his work with passion and joy while providing encouragement to anyone who crosses his path.

3. What is your favorite part of your job at Evangel?

I got on staff because of my friends’ daughter. She had heard of a position that was open for the grounds, she told me if you want it, apply for it, and you’ll probably get it, so that’s what I did.

I like it because I get to be outside, pick up trash and make the grounds look nice. It gives the campus that presentational look.

4. As a groundskeeper, you are all over campus. What is your favorite location on campus?

The Pier, of course! But outside, I’d probably pick the lower intramural field because of the view. It’s by the road, and you see whoever is out on it.

5. What is the best time of year at Evangel?

Homecoming and Christmas. Homecoming is because I get to see all the people who were here in years past. Christmas is because I get to come around and see the students when they’re about to go home for the holidays.

6. What makes the floor Scott Second South so special to you? How did you choose it?

Because of Hollywood the mascot! That’s what makes us so special! But really, I chose this floor because of the people. Great history, great RAs, great RDs of Scott. I actually went floor-shopping – I called it floor-shopping – and when I came over to Scott, it was nice. People were nice and were friendly. They didn’t write me off; they didn’t ignore me; they weren’t snooty. I chose S2S because of some of the friends I had met in the past who were on the floor, and the floor adopted me.

Read more about Hollywood at The Lance, Evangel’s student newspaper.

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