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Evangel students develop kits for use in Title 1 schools

April 20, 2014 | Paul K. Logsdon

A group of Evangel University education majors have developed tutor kits for Robberson Elementary that will soon be in use at Title 1 schools district wide.

“Our education majors really got excited about this opportunity,” said Dr. Becky Huechteman, professor of education.

“The Robberson teachers identified the skills they wanted the Evangel students to address,” said Huechteman, “and then our students developed tools for tutors.”

More than 40 students and three faculty members researched and built activities and games that will help improve student literacy and math competencies.

Katelyn Schmitt is an Evangel junior with a passion for teaching. She feels a sense of calling to work overseas in an impoverished area where the children might not otherwise get an education.

As an early childhood and elementary education double major, Schmitt also knows that there are plenty of children right here in Springfield who desperately need help with the learning process. So when the Education students started working on the tutoring kits, Schmitt volunteered to lead a building workshop.

“It was a fun event where we could work together, help each other build our projects, and build relationships within the department,” said Schmitt.

Robberson Elementary serves as a community center, according to Christian Mechlin, community school coordinator for the Springfield Public Schools.

“We use volunteers, grants and donations to deal with issues that our students are facing,” he said. “In fact, we try to address the needs of the entire family, including mental and behavioral issues and parent education.”

Naturally, the primary focus is on academic support, and that is where the tutoring kits come in.

“We will start using these kits right away,” said Mechlin, “and the district office is going to copy them for use in other Title 1 schools.”

The Evangel students are excited about the promise of next year. “We want feedback from the teachers, so next year we can develop kits that are even more focused,” said Huechteman. “This is an exciting project!”

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