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Evangel student contributes to 100 year celebration of the Assemblies of God

July 29, 2014 | Valorie Coleman

Next week, the Assemblies of God will celebrate 100 years.

Evangel University has shared many moments in this history, but what does the face of the next 100 years look like?

Evangel sophomore Peace Aisogun represents the vision and innovation of the young people of the AG fellowship. In her first year as a psychology major, she took advantage of many opportunities to plug in and give back.

“College is about discovering what you are good at, what life has to offer and what you have to offer life,” she said. “I want to share a bit of who I am.”

One way Aisogun shares who she is and what she believes is through spoken word performances. Spoken words are usually preconceived, but Aisogun prefers improvisation. This summer, she has lent her talents to the AG centennial celebration, and she will be featured in a video on the last night of the event. These performances center around the theme of sharing one’s faith.

As another unique form of expression, Aisogun started EU’s first step team. The members make purposeful, rhythmic sound by using their bodies — stomping, clapping, etc.

“I can’t play any instruments,” Aisogun said. “We become our own music. I realized that I can be the sound that I want so much to hear.”

Aisogun said step teams are becoming prevalent on college campuses, partly because of the symbolism and richness of the experience.

“When you get a community of people to do the same thing, there’s power in that,” she said. “This sound is on purpose, with a purpose, for a purpose.”

Aisogun works with other groups on campus such as CrossWalk, community service projects, and as an Evangel student admissions counselor.

No matter the event or the venue, Aisogun will always find a way to express her unique perspective on life, faith and community.

“Prior to college, we’re taught to compete with one another,” she said. “Here at Evangel, we’re taught to empower one another.”

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