AG Centennial: Evangel’s Heritage

Centennial Logo AGFS Orange high resThe Assemblies of God is celebrating 100 years in 2014. As the national, comprehensive university of the Assemblies of God, we’ve shared many moments in this rich history.

Thousands of ministers and missionaries have gone out from Evangel, Central Bible College and Assemblies of God Theological Seminary to preach the gospel. The rise of Christianity in the world can be traced in large part to the efforts of our missionaries who were brave in the face of uncharted waters and unknown dangers. They had a calling, a passion, a sense of urgency that carried them on.

We wanted to take this moment, a moment 100 years in the making, and highlight just a few of our students and graduates who not only honor our past, but are forging boldly ahead into the future. They embody these themes of relevancy, compassion, hope and justice. They are changing their communities and the world. Their lives inform, instill and inspire.

Rebecca Grant Shults, '04

Rebecca Grant Shults has looked squarely into the face of human desperation, but she also has seen the love of Christ free the human spirit and transform lives. She puts her hope in the God who can do that.

“I first met women and girls who were survivors of sex trafficking when I was 16,” Shults says. “I saw such a contrast. I saw hope and joy in the eyes of those who had come to know Christ as compared to the death in the eyes of those on the street, in the red light district.”

Shults now uses the arts for healing through her organization Rescue Arts. Her method facilitates healing for trauma survivors and encourages freedom of expression through the creative and performing arts.

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Herbert Cooper, '97

Herbert Cooper is passionate about the local church. He believes it’s the place where broken lives will be mended, where people will find meaning and where those seeking will find God.

“What an incredible history we have from our first 100 years of the Assemblies of God,” Cooper says. “We’ve watched the hand, the grace and the favor of God upon us. What’s on my heart now is a mission to reach people who are far from God. The church is the hope of the world. I don’t believe the government is going to change hearts. Christ is, through the church.”

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Dick Brogden, '14

Dick Brogden is going places. You might think it’s because of his increasing acclaim as a speaker and author, but you’d be wrong.

Dick Brogden is going places because it’s what Jesus has called him to do. He’s going places to show Christ’s love to people who have never heard the name of Jesus glorified.

“The goal of missions is global worship of Jesus by his redeemed people from every tribe, tongue and nation,” he says. “If unreached people groups are going to glorify God, someone is going to have to rise up and ‘Live Dead.'”

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Mark Batterson, '92

Mark Batterson was prayer walking through a field in rural Minnesota when he had a “burning bush” experience that altered the course of his life and career.

“I asked God this dangerous question: ‘What do you want me to do with my life?’” Batterson says. “It was in that field where I felt like I heard that still small voice of the Spirit call me in to full-time ministry.”

Batterson transferred to Central Bible College and immersed himself in preparation for a career in ministry. See how his time at Central Bible College prepared him to lead in Washington D.C.

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