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The purpose of this class is to allow each student to explore another culture in a supervised setting with mentors who guide the process. By participating in the Global Connections experience, students will develop personal spiritual formation, experience global cultures, learn about other perspectives and world views, and actively participate in service and witness projects. (This mission statement is aligned with the Evangel University Mission Statement and EU 20 Outcomes for students at Evangel University.)

Contact Chad Gehring regarding academic questions (including placement) about THEO 350. For questions regarding the Global Connections Program at Evangel University, contact Dr. Sandy Friesen.

  • Course Details

    Global Connections (THEO 350): Academic Outline

    Global Connections is an intercultural studies course focused on equipping students to experience, reflect on and evaluate cultures other than their own. Through immersion and observation in another culture, students learn about another culture, and also about themselves.

    Global Connections (THEO 350), is a three-credit course comprised of a two-credit hybrid course and a one-credit lab experience.

    The hybrid course consists of the following (1 credits):

    • Eight weeks of online video lectures administered through ANGEL.
    • Required reading from three different texts:
      • Cross Cultural Servanthood:  Serving a World in Christlike Humility.  Elmer, D.
      • Figuring Foreigners Out..Storti, C.
      • Destination Asia Pacific Team Member’s Guide. Plake, J.
    • Pre-field exam (test material taken from video lectures and text).
    • Final Integrative Reflection paper or Lab Experience Portfolio.

    The lab may be completed in one of the following four ways (2 credit) :

    Lab 1 (Lecture 10): Previous intercultural experience

    All previous intercultural experiences must be approved by a Global Connections committee. Once a previous experience has been approved by the committee, it is the obligation of the student to fulfill the one-credit hybrid portion of the class including, as mentioned above, an Integrative Personal Reflection paper or Lab Experience Portfolio.

    “A previous intercultural experience” may be interpreted broadly. Past intercultural experiences may satisfy Lab 1 (Lecture 10) requirements if they can be documented in the Integrative Reflection Paper or Lab Experience Portfolio according to the building blocks of culture as discussed in Craig Storti’s, Figuring Foreigners Out.

    Potential Previous Experiences:  Youth ministry trip, high school educational tour, foreign exchange students, 3rd culture students (MK’s, military kids, intercultural students).

    Lab 2 (Lecture 20): Cross-cultural experience in the local region

    A cross-cultural experience in the local region will encompass many different opportunities, including weekend visits or short multi-trip experiences to local ethnic communities, visits to local ethnic churches in the area and participation in service projects with local service and social justice organizations.

    Potential Trip Examples: Japanese Festivals at Nathanael Greene Park, Mennonite Community Experience and Dinner in Seymour, Missouri., Korean Culture Experience, Mexican Festival, Assumption Abbey in Ava, Missouri., Intercultural RetreatInner City Ministry, Mosque (Islamic Center of Springfield), St. Louis Church Planting and Inner-City Ministry and Joyce Meyer Ministry in St. Louis, Missouri.

    Lab 3 (Lecture 30): Cross-cultural experience in the United States

    A cross-cultural experience within the United States will allow students the opportunity to experience cultural diversity inside the boundaries of their own country. These experiences will include all the elements of a short-term mission trip experience, including travel, submersion into American subcultures, team bonding activities and celebration experiences.  These trips will most often occur during holiday breaks within the academic calendar, most often spring break, summer break and Christmas break.

    Potential Trip Examples:  Los Angeles Dream Center, New York Dream Center, Las Vegas, assist F.R.E.E. International, Dallas ministry to the homeless.

    Lab 4 (Lecture 40-90): Cross-cultural experience outside the United States

    A cross-cultural experience outside of the United States will occur in locations where the Assemblies of God and Evangel University have preexisting relationships.  Each location will be carefully selected with attention to length of travel, student safety, economic feasibility, and quality of experience.

    Below are the possible cross-cultural experiences outside the United States.

    • Lecture 40: Africa
    • Lecture 50: Asia
    • Lecture 60: Eurasia
    • Lecture 70: Europe
    • Lecture 80: Latin America
    • Lecture 90: North Asia/China

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