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Singing birds and beautiful blessings

February 21st, 2012 | Lauren Simms

This morning I woke up to the birds singing. As they were singing a beautiful melody, I closed my eyes and smiled; spring is slowly making its way to Springfield, Missouri. More visitors are touring the campus of Evangel University to see if this is the place where God wants them. I remember what it was like for me.

I was involved in Fine Arts growing up, usually a part of a singing ensemble. I remember a specific year when it was held at Evangel; I walked around the campus, and found myself praying. I still wouldn’t be in college for another two or three years, but still I prayed that God would show me the way that He wanted me to go. As I approached the clock tower in the center of campus, a peace washed over my body as I read the verse displayed there: “Thus far has the Lord helped us.” Under the ticking clock and the prominent cross, I had an undeniable peace.

It’s no secret that tuition at Evangel isn’t what someone would call cheap; for most students looking at a college, this is expensive. The beginning of my senior year of high school, I applied and got accepted to Evangel. As I watched the acceptance DVD, I was all but beaming. Now, it was time to look for scholarships. The deadline for the full-tuition and half-tuition Founders scholarships were at the end of December, and I missed the deadline. I had my wisdom teeth out and had missed the deadline by one day. Yes, one day.

I wondered if Evangel was still where God wanted me, but each time I prayed I knew one thing for sure; it was. I still ended up getting a scholarship for my grade point average, along with other small scholarships. However, with each passing semester God has provided in ways that make me speechless.

If you’re reading this and you’re wondering how God is going to provide for you to attend Evangel, I can assure you that if this is where God wants you, He will provide for you to be here. With each and every day, I can always be sure of this, “thus far has the Lord helped us.”

Lauren Simms

Communication Studies Major | Class of 2013

Lauren, a Communication Studies major, is a commuter student from Springfield, Missouri. She is a work-study for Marketing Enrollment, a member of a START team, and an EU Student Host. She encourages students to study hard, get involved and enjoy every minute.

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