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March 30th, 2012 | Landon Johnson

This week has been amazing, yet, a blur all at the same time. Wednesday, I turned in my senior biology research paper (that was a doozy). Releasing those 14 pages of black ink was not only a weight lifted off my shoulders, but a representation of what is to come. I literally have 35 day until May 5, 2012—Graduation. It blows my mind that in a month I’ll be shaking the hands of the President of Evangel University, saying “Bon Voyage.” However, maybe we should move to something a little less dramatic; my eyes are starting to tear just thinking about all this stuff.

If you’re a prospective student who is thinking about going to Evangel University, awesome, but this goes out to anyone thinking about going to college in Missouri. The weather in the Midwest is unpredictable, and that is an understatement. This week’s unpredictable weather has brought sun, sun, and more sun; it feels amazing! Unfortunately, I had to work all week so I did not get to take total advantage of the sun rays (not that I need it), but it still calls for some recognition. So I say, “thank you, Lord!”

Other than beautiful weather, EU campus’ should get some attention as well. Anyone who visits this time of year, whether it be the treasured alumni or fresh prospective students, one gets to experience the wonderful opportunity to witness the work of our glorious Physical Plant. For those that do not know, a college campus doesn’t maintain itself. It’s up to diligent employees of the Physical Plant to make the campus sparkle. The beautiful color that 18,029 planted tulips incandesce, along with our breathtaking buildings, is enough to make a person stop in awe. While the beauty can be seen in the day, it can also be seen at night when the glowing clock tower illuminates the sidewalks of the center of campus. It’s no wonder why students take advantage of the scenery to nap, play frisbee, eat lunch and just relax (and go to class, of course). God didn’t create the Earth for nothing; He wants us to enjoy His wonderful creations, and you can most certainly do that at Evangel University.

Well this will be one my last blogs that I write for you guys, but it isn’t over yet so I won’t start with the mushy stuff. I do, though, want to say it has been a pleasure to give you the real scoop on what it is like being a student at EU. Can’t wait to talk to you all again … until then I’m checkin out!

Landon Johnson

Biology Major | Class of 2012

Landon is a Biology/Pre-Veterinary Medicine major from Henderson, Kentucky. He lives in Lewis Hall. He is involved with Lewis Hall Council, Worship Team and Activities Board. “The best thing about Evangel is that every day I get to do life with some of the most amazing people God has to offer."

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