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Jesus + Ben & Jerry’s

August 13th, 2012 | Lauren Simms

I feel like I’ve just begun my summer, yet the fall semester is staring at me in the face from 3-feet away. On May 7, I embarked on a crazy and extreme journey in taking 21 hours. Yes, you heard me right … 21 hours … this summer. In the time frame between May 7 and July 26, I lived and breathed homework, tests, quizzes and papers. Occasionally, I even found myself sleeping on my textbooks (that’s when you know there is a problem).

After mental breakdowns, crying sessions, a few good helpings of Ben & Jerry’s, and two months of classes that challenged me, I finished with a 3.9 average overall. As I walked out of my last final, I did a happy dance and thanked Jesus with everything inside of me. “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength,” is the content of Philippians 4:13. It is a verse that I’ve grown up reciting and even more so throughout the summer. I mean, let’s be honest, I could’ve never done it without His strength.

Once school finished, it was finally time to start my version of summer, or also known as my month break. I went with the Marketing and Admissions team down to Louisville, Kentucky, to help out with the Evangel Booth at the Assemblies of God Fine Arts Festival. Besides having the coolest booth ever known to the world of Fine Arts, Evangel gained hundreds of prospective students. I used to play a big part in Fine Arts every year, but this trip has shown me the other side of things. Instead of rehearsing in the hallways and standing in the hour-long Starbucks line, I got to be included in the “behind the scenes” part of Fine Arts. I got to see hundreds of students come through the booth with pure excitement to find out more about the college I currently attend.

This summer has been the most productive and most challenging summer that I’ve ever had, but it’s also been the most memorable. I’ve gotten more A’s on my transcript, more friendships in the making and more blessings than I deserve.

All because God gave me strength.

Lauren Simms

Communication Studies Major | Class of 2013

Lauren, a Communication Studies major, is a commuter student from Springfield, Missouri. She is a work-study for Marketing Enrollment, a member of a START team, and an EU Student Host. She encourages students to study hard, get involved and enjoy every minute.

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