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It’s fall! Are you ready for some flag football?

September 28th, 2012 | Shannyn Wong

Fall has finally hit Evangel’s campus, and that can only mean one thing: Flag football is here! One of the favorite campus activities is to play or cheer on your favorite flag football teams. As each floor forms their team and is hoping for a winning season, I like to find myself on the sidelines and cheering them on. Students all across campus come to cheer for their floor, friends, or brother/sister floor. And needless to say once it’s game time, the game faces come on and the rivalry begins.

My friends and I gather blankets, sometimes with hot drinks in hand, and head to the fields to cheer on the girls on our floor and other Lewis Hall floors. There is nothing that can compare to sitting on the sidelines, yet feeling like a part of the team as we cheer for our girls to score a touchdown.

We don’t just go to support our teams; we go to build friendships. In between cheering, we are always talking about our days or the cute boys that we came to watch. Conversation fills the sidelines as we grow in friendship and get to know other people from different halls. When the final whistle is blown and the winning team celebrates, the fans hit the fields to join in on the fun of celebrating a win or to comfort the losing team.

There are many great activities that make their way onto Evangel’s campus, but when it comes to flag football there is no messing around. As the saying goes: “May the best team win!”

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Shannyn Wong

Advertising and Public Relations Major | Class of 2014

Shannyn is an Advertising/Public Relations major from Loveland, Colorado. She is an RA in Lewis Hall. She encourages prospective students to seek God’s will for college.

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