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Getting past the “college high”

October 8th, 2012 | Shannyn Wong

As I sit here and write this blog, I realize that I have been back at Evangel for almost two months and I wonder where the time has gone. The emotional high of being back at school, seeing my friends and starting new classes has begun to fade … and now it feels like it’s back to a mundane life.

I think every student feels like they are on top of the world those first few weeks of college. The experience of independence, new beginnings and new adventures keeps your adrenaline pumping. So once the excitement of a new semester has come and gone, how do you push past the emotional high and enjoy the rest of the year?

One of the best ways I stay excited about school is with activities like sporting events, floor activities and Activities Board events. My floor just took a trip to a pumpkin patch and also had a GYRAD (get your roommate a date), and to say that we had a blast on these activities would be an understatement.

Staying connected with my friends and making sure that we are getting off campus occasionally is a necessity. Spending time with my friends helps me look forward to the weekend and get past the sometimes-long weekdays. (Once in a while it’s also important to throw in some sleep or I know I’ll never get through my classes!)

Making sure that my social life doesn’t fade away is not the problem in most cases, but it is pushing through my classes after the first few weeks that gets difficult. I am now into a routine of class, homework, class, homework … you get the idea. This routine part of life is where I have to give myself a pep-talk that I am working toward a higher goal: graduation and, more importantly, God’s calling on my life.

When the going gets tough in the classroom, I constantly have to remind myself that I am to do my best to bring glory to the Lord’s name and that means in my school work, too. So when the “college high” comes to an end, I must remember who I am at school for and remember that the Lord can still work through the routine parts of life, even if the “college high” has faded. The good news is that at Evangel I am surrounded by friends and professors who understand and share my goals and ultimate purpose — and they keep me motivated to stay on course.

Want more? Take a look at some of the things you can do in Springfield to unwind with your friends.


Shannyn Wong

Advertising and Public Relations Major | Class of 2014

Shannyn is an Advertising/Public Relations major from Loveland, Colorado. She is an RA in Lewis Hall. She encourages prospective students to seek God’s will for college.

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