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Face-Off: Celebrating with enemies at Harvest Fest 2012

November 15th, 2012 | Hope Hamilton

College students who meet together to come up with creative ideas have often been accused of accomplishing great things, and last weekend’s Harvest Fest hosted by the student Activities Board was a great work of art. “What is Harvest Fest?” you may ask, so allow me to explain.

Every year in the fall at Evangel, there is a grand event by the name of Harvest Fest which takes place. Harvest Fest has a different costume theme every year, and this year the theme was “Face-Off,” or opposing things or people.

Students driving to Remington’s event center by the hundreds on Saturday, November 10, may have caught a few weird glances from other people in traffic.

Some of the creative costuming included a LEGO and a foot, the Hunger Games cast, Princess Leia and a stormtrooper, the Grinch and Santa Clause, and Eve and the snake.

Harvest Fest

Harvest Fest 2012: Face-Off

The night consisted of fellowshipping with ridiculously costumed friends, taking thousands of pictures, and a whole line up of skits, videos, dances and student band performances.

I went as an alien with a group of cowboys and had an incredible amount of fun seeing the creativity of students, especially displayed in the skits and band performances. Any student can try out for Harvest Fest. As a result, there was a great amount of talent displayed, and students were given the opportunity to see their friends in a whole new light.

One of the things I enjoyed about Harvest Fest was that I had a friend visiting from home for the first time, and after seeing the performances by passionate and talented students and laughing hysterically at the Activities Board skits, she fell in love with Evangel and wants to come back as soon as she can.

The opportunities for fun at Evangel are endless, and whether you play an instrument, sing, act, do stand-up or just enjoy dressing up and having fun, there is a place at Evangel for you.

Hats off to Activities Board members for a memorable and phenomenal evening of fun.

Want more? See an entire album of Harvest Fest pics on the Evangel Undergrad Facebook page.

Hope Hamilton

Advertising/Public Relations Major | Class of 2014

Hope is a senior Advertising/Public Relations major with a minor in Nonprofit Business and Social Enterprise. She is from Vero Beach, Florida, and loves people, the outdoors, music, worship and missions. Hope is currently the assistant director of outreach for Evangel's CROSSwalk student ministries organization.

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