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A legacy

November 26th, 2012 | Hope Hamilton

Time passes quickly, and once we’re gone, all we leave behind is a legacy.

My mom, Tammye Hamilton, is one of my biggest heroes, and although she is not yet gone from this earth, she has already laid out a legacy before me.

When you apply to Evangel University, you’ll see an informational section about your parents, and it includes a place to list where your parents went to college, if they did. When I filled out my application, that space under my mom’s name said “Evangel University.”

After I made the decision to attend Evangel, I began searching through the scholarship lists, and I came across one by the name of The Legacy Scholarship. This is a $1,000 renewable scholarship for the children of Evangel alumni. Evangel is a family, and as a result, a lot of children of alumni apply.

Since coming to Evangel, I have had the great opportunity to hold a work-study job in the Admissions department. On a few occasions, as I have been sitting at a computer entering applications, I have been struck when I have come across children of alumni. I have found myself in tears (which is quite embarrassing at work), and I think I know why I react like this: time and legacy.

Time goes by so quickly, and today’s students are tomorrow’s alumni. Today’s students are the parents of tomorrow’s students.

When I enter applications from the children of alumni, I imagine someone in the future possibly entering my children’s names in a similar process, and I’m reminded of the brevity of life … and the need to leave a legacy for my future children.

I don’t have long on this earth, and I cannot have the ignorance to believe this season of life will last forever. Once upon a time my dear mother was on yearbook and newspaper staff, living in Wather Hall and eating dinner in the cafeteria. In that time she prepared herself to impact the world, and that is what she has done.

My mom has raised and homeschooled eight children, of which I am number six. The eldest of my mother’s children is a nurse and midwife who has built shelters in the Philippines for victims of the sex-trade industry. The second has her doctorate in education and is a teacher in Peru where she plans to revolutionize the education system. Number three has her master’s in counseling and has spent the past four years counseling victims of extreme abuse. Number four is a missionary professor in China with his wife, seeing lives changed every day. Finally, numbers five through eight are still being educated to be sent out to change the world. This is my mom’s legacy.

A few weeks after applying, I found out that I had been awarded Evangel’s Legacy Scholarship. I am grateful for the opportunity is has given me and the reminder it is to me that I am not only someone else’s legacy, but have the responsibility to leave one behind.

Want more? See Evangel’s Alumni page to read more about the legacy of Evangel graduates.

Hope Hamilton

Advertising/Public Relations Major | Class of 2014

Hope is a senior Advertising/Public Relations major with a minor in Nonprofit Business and Social Enterprise. She is from Vero Beach, Florida, and loves people, the outdoors, music, worship and missions. Hope is currently the assistant director of outreach for Evangel's CROSSwalk student ministries organization.

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