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A never-ending stream of possibilities

November 26th, 2012 | Christina Jeter

The closing night of a show is always bittersweet for the cast of any production. As the lights dimmed on the stage of Rabbit Hole, I couldn’t help but feel a bit heartbroken. Actors invest time discovering more and more about each character they play, and they develop a unique bond with those characters. When the curtain closes and they have to say goodbye to their character, it’s like saying goodbye to an old friend. The actors in Evangel’s production of Rabbit Hole said goodbye to their characters two Saturday nights ago.

With two and a half weeks until opening night, I received a call from Bradford Mapson, the student director of Rabbit Hole. One of the cast members had to drop out of the production, and he asked if I would step in and take the role of Jill (Jason) Willette.  I said yes, and after some hardcore line bashing and many late night practices, I stepped onto the stage with my fellow performers. Rabbit Hole by David Lindsay-Abaire is one of my favorite plays of all time, and I was honored to be a part of the production.

Rabbit Hole deals with the topic of grief in an all-encompassing way. The topic is handled from all angles, so no bases are left uncovered. After the Thursday and Friday night performances, the cast and director opened discussed grief with the audience. The discussion was open to both cast and audience members and served almost as therapy, allowing the play time to settle. One of my favorite scenes in Rabbit Hole takes place between Becca, played by Brittany Federici, and Jill. My character talks about space. “If space is infinite, then there is a never-ending stream of possibilities.” The scene provides hope in a hopeless situation.

Both Evangel University and its theater department are growing. As Christians, we need to be ready to tackle serious issues such as depression tactfully. We need to be aware of the discussions happening in the world around us. Theater is not purely for entertainment. Rather, the arts allow Christian to delve into serious topics. Through plays like Rabbit Hole, Evangel University is entering into the “discussion.”  We both learn and teach through theater. Evangel is one of the Christian universities that has realized this concept. The arts are powerful tools for the Christian!

Want more? Check out more photos from Evangel’s production of Rabbit Hole on the Evangel Undergrad Facebook page.


Christina Jeter

English and Theatre Major | Class of 2013

Christina is a missionary kid from Spain but considers Waxahachie, Texas her hometown. She is a commuter student double majoring in English and Theater. She balances her nerdy past times and shows with outdoor activities like soccer and bike riding.

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