Bernie Dana, Business Department chairman, is one of several professors whom Brandon has developed a connection with during his time at Evangel.

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The value of a mentor

March 18th, 2013 | Brandon Hoffman

When going to a small school, there is one key advantage that you should pursue: the value of mentoring.

I attended a large public university during the summer, and the thing I disliked was the large disconnection from the student body and the teachers. My class had hundreds of people in it, and in order to see my professors, I had to make an appointment or, at the least, give the professor my ID number so he or she could contact me.

The advantage of a small school is the personal relationships available to you. Choosing a major is an arduous process, but there is one suggestion I would make: If you look at your professors and you think, “I want to be like him (or her),” then you may well be in the right major.

That was the exact thought that ran through my head when I took a Personal Finance class taught by a Business professor. After that, I became a Finance major with Evangel’s Business Department. With professors like Ted Papit, Bernie Dana, Rebecca Rhoades, and Derek Schmidly; I had the opportunity to personally connect with people I genuinely admired and respected.

All of my professors have reached out to me in one way or another. That’s the beauty of the small college atmosphere. Every professor cares about his or her students, but sometimes, at bigger schools, you get lost in the crowd.

Whether it was giving me a place to go on Thanksgiving, notifying me of job opportunities or just counseling or critiquing me; my mentors have been the biggest blessing at my time at Evangel.

So my advice, as a senior, is to take the time to connect with the professors that you admire on campus. You won’t regret it.

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Brandon Hoffman

Finance Major | Class of 2013

Brandon Hoffman is a senior finance major from Woodstock, Georgia. He is a member of the Track and Field team and president of the Student Investment Group.

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