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Homesick with the flu — thankfully He supplies my needs

April 11th, 2013 | Laura Prosapio

God continues to amaze me with how He provides individuals in my life to uplift me and encourage me at the times I need it the most. This past semester, I experienced some new situations that I have never had to experience apart from home and away from my family — including my first sickness without my mom and dad to take care of me.

In the beginning of the semester, I came down with a terrible case of the flu that took me out of classes for a week. I felt incredibly tired and weak, and definitely not like myself. I didn’t even have enough energy to climb up my lofted bed to rest.

My heart broke at the fact that I could only call my parents for comfort, and they couldn’t hug me or console me in person. I felt helpless. However, in my weakened state, I realized that God had given me my friends here at Evangel — my other family — on campus who took care of me through the course of my illness.

Because I couldn’t reach my lofted bed, my suitemate and roommate took my bed from the loft and set it on the ground so I could rest easier. Girls on my floor gave me cold washcloths to help my fever, got meals for me from the Caf, and took me to the pharmacy to pick up my medicine. I also received some delicious popsicles and soothing tea from other dear friends. Most importantly, throughout the whole experience, I felt completely covered in prayer.

In the midst of my feeling alone, God clearly showed me that He had provided me with a family here at Evangel beyond what I ever imagined.

God knows exactly what we need, and He places individuals in our lives to take care of us and make us feel loved. He extended His love to me by girls on my floor and other sweet friends being open to letting the Holy Spirit work through them. The deepest parts of my heart that longed to be home while sick felt content — covered with the blessings showered on me by the people around me. What an amazing Evangel family.

Want more? Friends are a great source of comfort and support when you’re sick, but sometimes students need medical help, too. Fortunately Evangel’s Health Services center has a full-time nurse and medical services available to students.

Laura Prosapio

Psychology and English Major | Class of 2016

Laura is a junior from Chicago double-majoring in Psychology and English. She has continued her high school passion for music by participating in Evangel’s Concert Choir. Her favorite thing about attending Evangel is living and learning with a community of believers who encourage her walk with God.

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