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A new definition of ‘home’

May 6th, 2013 | Ian Richardson

When I first came to Evangel, I thought of “home” as only the house where I grew up. But as I adjusted to campus life, I expanded my definition to include my dorm.

However, this summer, my definition of “home” is going to have to expand a little more.

That’s because I’m not going to be living at college, and I’m not going to be returning to my family in Iowa. I’m going to be living in the basement of my great-aunt’s house.

The reason for this change is exciting. I have the opportunity to work at Evangel over the summer and possibly get a writing internship as well. But this new opportunity is bittersweet. While I am very excited for what lies ahead, I will be away from my parents, my sister and the majority of my friends for most of the summer.

In fact, I was recently discussing with one of my friends how strange of a time college can be. While it is a time of excitement and new opportunity, it is also a time tainted with the sorrow of goodbyes. Sometimes it seems that the only constancy is the fact that life is always changing.

I’ll admit that sometimes it’s easier to count the things that stay the same from semester to semester than those that change. Friends graduate. Professors retire. And yes, your family does things even when you’re not around.

Living in transition can be difficult. But during my time in this phase of life, It’s helped me a lot to remember the one, most important constant in my life.

That constant is the presence of Jesus.

I think of the words Jesus said to His disciples before he was taken up to heaven: “I am with you always, even to the end of the earth.” Then I remember how He has been working all things together to prepare my path these past few years. Changes of major, new friends, making connections and networking – I have realized how what once seemed like aimless wanderings were a series of purposeful steps all along. And that makes it easier for me to trust Him with my future, whatever happens.

People and places will come and go. Missing them is okay; it’s part of living. It’s part of growing up. But so is holding onto Jesus, resting in the knowledge that He will never change.

Wherever I am, if He is with me, I can be “home.” And knowing that makes all the difference.

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Ian Richardson

English Major | Class of 2015

Ian is a senior English major from Afton, Iowa. He lives in Scott Hall and writes for the Evangel University website and the Lance. Ian says the thing he loves most about Evangel is the sense of community.

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