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Insecurely Movement born when Evangel students discover that God really does use the willing

September 6th, 2013 | Hannah Beers

There is a world where Sunday School stories are second nature and pews double as hiding places in vicious games of hide and go seek. In that world, where instead of playing house you play church, there are some common pieces of advice. When a young person thinks about their future, there is one particular saying that is repeated through grandparents, teachers and friends, “God uses the willing.”

How many times had I heard this phrase? Yet, it seemed impossible. I was willing. Well, when I wasn’t doing my own thing, I was willing. A cycle of school years and church camps ensued, complete with the hidden rebellions of a pastor’s kid, until I made the transition to Evangel University a year ago.

There is something so liberating about moving to a new place. The possibilities are endless. This thing called college did me well. I had never relied on God the way I did in those first few weeks of freshman year. I had never felt so free until I was away from the temptations and routine of my hometown.

It wasn’t until a visit home in February of 2013 that I felt a new call on my heart; a heart that was now open to God’s purposes. I saw young people – impacted by society’s call to act, think and look one way – look at themselves with less value because of this weakness called insecurity.

Insecurely Movement began as a small idea on that day in February.

The desire to break the cycle of young lives being pulled apart by insecurities became my main focus. What began as a small idea turned into something much bigger, spreading across the campus of this college I now call my home.

Nearly 100 Evangel, Central Bible College, Missouri State University, and James River Leadership Campus students came to Burgess 3rd South on a cold day to have their photos taken. Since then, this movement has grown into something I never saw coming, with thousands of fans from across the world, twice-a-week blogs, extensive social media and inspiring videos. In mid-July of this year, we launched a Spoken Word video. In just two days, we had more than 5,000 views. Today, we are well on our way to 30,000.

Watch the Insecurely Movement video.

For those of you just now learning about Insecurely, it is a movement designed to impact lives by redefining society’s view of worth. We inspired people to face insecurities and discover a path to healing. We target teenagers and young adults specifically, but reach all people of all ages and interests.

How many times in my life had I heard, “God uses the willing” and yet I never took the time to be exactly that?

Sometimes, you have to leave your comfort zone and step out. Coming to Evangel was that step for me. It was scary, unknown and exactly what I needed.  I finally became the willing one.

On November 6th, Insecurely Movement will have its first official event. We’re calling it Rebel: An Insecurely Day. People from across the world will take part in the opportunity to face up to the insecurities the world puts on us. We’re opening it up to schools and churches as well, targeting young people specifically.

This movement is not mine. Yes, I may have designed a mediocre website (which we’re in the process of redesigning!) and asked people to use their talents, but I am just the one who was willing. God’s passion for those impacted by insecurities is strong. His desire to heal these people is deep. It is simply Insecurely Movement’s task to communicate this.

For those of you feeling a beckoning to step out; to be out of the ordinary, don’t hesitate. The call of God is not something to be ignored. Open your heart and mind to the possibility of being revolutionary. After all, God uses the willing.

“The word Insecurely is backwards. We are meant to live Securely in Christ.” – Josh Mayo

Want More? Visit the Insecurely Movement website.

Hannah Beers

Hannah Beers is a junior Advertising/PR and Government/Pre-Law double major from Steelville, Missouri but destined for Washington, D.C. As Evangel Student Government Association Senate President, Evangel College Republican Chair, Missouri Federation of College Republicans secretary, a photographer, and founder of the Insecurely Movement, she's almost too busy to write this blog. But, she loves sharing about Evangel, and she's not very good at saying no, so she's sharing the journey here.

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