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Five reasons private college has been worth my investment

November 7th, 2013 | Shannyn Wong

Let’s face it. The price for attending a private college is not cheap. But, I am here to reassure you that the investment will be worth every penny, nickel or however you decide to pay for college. I chose to make this investment four years ago, and I am so glad I did. As a senior, I’d like to share with you five things that make attending a private college worth the investment for me.

1. Smaller class sizes

If you attend a public university, you can expect a classroom with several hundred students. Few — if any — will know your name, and you’re just another face in a very large crowd. Attending a private college will be the exact the opposite. You will most often be in a classes with about 20 other students who know your name and recognize your face even when they aren’t asking to borrow a pencil.

2. Relationships with professors

Speaking of faces, not only will your classmates know your face, but so will your professors. One of my favorite things about attending a private college is the relationship that I have with my professors. They know me; they know my goals; and they care about more than just my education. The professors at private colleges, and especially Evangel professors, put in the time and effort to invest your education and in you.

3. Shared values

Going to a state school leaves you with an education system and values that are mandated by the state and focused on meeting state requirements. Private schools give you the freedom to be in an educational environment that values what you value. Those values will be seen in the staff and faculty that are hired, how they educate their students and how they run the college. They will be present in class lectures and discussions,  and they will be a part of student life. As I have shared through my blog posts, those shared values are one of the most important things that make Evangel such an amazing place.

4. More opportunities to get involved

Being on a smaller, private campus gives you the opportunity to get involved. There are not thousands of people vying for one spot and you actually get to know the people that you are working with. We still offer a variety of ways to get involved but give you the opportunity to be known by your peers. The involvement of students takes place in and out of the classroom.

5. No TAs

What’s a TA? Don’t know what a TA is? Not a problem … because they rarely exist on a private college’s campus. TA stands for teacher’s assistant (or graduate assistant). TAs are grad students who teach many of the undergraduate classes at large universities. At Evangel our professors are the best of the best and don’t leave their teaching up to an assistant. The professors have been in the field they are teaching about and have first-hand experience. They aren’t concerned about students buying their $300 book that you won’t even open, but are concerned about the knowledge and real life experience that they can impart to you.

An investment is an act of devoting time, effort, money or energy to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result. The experience and education that you get out of a private college is that worthwhile result. Every dime that is put forth will be returned tenfold into the knowledge, friendships and experiences that you get at a private college.

I have found Evangel to be a very valuable investment in my future, and I believe this is an investment that you can’t afford to pass up!

Want more? Read Can I afford a Christian college education? for more tips on evaluating the cost benefit of your education.

Shannyn Wong

Advertising and Public Relations Major | Class of 2014

Shannyn is an Advertising/Public Relations major from Loveland, Colorado. She is an RA in Lewis Hall. She encourages prospective students to seek God’s will for college.

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