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Evangel professors open their offices, hearts and homes

December 17th, 2013 | Hope Hamilton

When it comes to choosing a college, there are a few make-or-break it deals. When I was searching for a university something that mattered a lot to me was the quality of the educators, and there’s a reason I chose Evangel.

I’ve mentioned before that I transferred from a state college, and I can’t even begin to describe the night and day difference between who professors were to me before Evangel, and who they are here.

In state college my professors were the people who taught classes, gave assignments and graded work. Please excuse my corny language, but at Evangel professors are more than teachers, they are family.  I thank God every day for my professors and the other loving faculty here, because now I can tell this is how it should be.

The relationships students have with professors at Evangel do not begin and end in the classroom; that is simply one place they grow. Professors shape the college experience, and the quality of the professors at Evangel are what has shaped this to be the best experience of my life.

Professors open not only their office doors, but also their homes and hearts to students. I have been invited to multiple parties and events at my professors’ homes and been loved on and shown more generosity than I could ever repay.

Our professors are not just in our lives at school, but they are actively involved in the community surrounding Evangel. Some of the professors I admire the most I have not even had as teachers in class, but they have still shown me great love, and given me wisdom and advice. For example, at my church I go to a Sunday school class with several of Evangel’s professors, and I have grown greatly under their teaching and experience (without being graded on the things I learned).

For some of my friends who are missing one or both parents, professors have eagerly adopted them into their homes and lives, and now those professors are their strongest mentors as well as their family.

I am so thankful for the blessing that not only my professors have been, but also the other faculty and employees at Evangel. Everyone from the janitors who serve and love us every day, to the men and women who work in  Caf and dining hall, is a daily gift and blessing in my life and in the lives of my fellow students.

I am grateful and indebted to my professors and the other faculty at Evangel for their sacrifices and obedience to God’s call on their lives to be leaders and educators, and for their commitment to going above and beyond for their students.

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Hope Hamilton

Advertising/Public Relations Major | Class of 2014

Hope is a senior Advertising/Public Relations major with a minor in Nonprofit Business and Social Enterprise. She is from Vero Beach, Florida, and loves people, the outdoors, music, worship and missions. Hope is currently the assistant director of outreach for Evangel's CROSSwalk student ministries organization.

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