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Walther Hall: A community of amazing, inspiring, genuine girls

January 15th, 2014 | Laura Prosapio

Some words that come to mind when I think of Walther Hall are family, home, warm, cozy and a place to be myself.

My first time staying in Walther was during a campus visit during my junior year of high school with my friend, Gianna. We stayed with her older sister on the third floor and got to be part of their floor event of watching “The Sandlot” and eating s’mores. Even during that short visit, I felt like a part of a family. I loved the layout of the dorm, including the second floor lobby where all the different floors are connected. I knew after the visit that if I came to Evangel, I would request to be housed in Walther.

Walther Lobby

There’s always a listening ear in Walther.

Two years later, I moved into my Walther 2nd North room as a freshman. Though I had some jitters, I still felt the sense of warmth and coziness that I experienced when I visited as a high schooler.

Walther’s hall council puts on many different events throughout the year to help the residents get to know each other and share life together. Some of the events I’ve especially enjoyed thus far are Walther’s Make a Difference Day, Tacky Prom and Spa Night.

For Walther’s Make a Difference Day, the Devotional Leaders (DLs) on each floor led a team of girls to different organizations in the community to serve together. Last spring, I led a team to the Ronald McDonald House, and it was an amazing time to bond with girls from different floors as well as help in the community. For Tacky Prom, all the residents of Walther get to go roller blading while wearing outrageously colorful clothing. A prom court is nominated, and one girl is named the annual “Tacky Prom Queen.”

Last month, we had a new event called “We are Beautiful.” Girls got to come to the second floor lobby for a spa night to get pampered. Members from hall council painted nails, gave facials, did hairstyles and led a yoga exercise session. It was a time to celebrate how God values us and how we value each other.

Our Resident Director, Katie, seeks to know all of us and cares how God is working in each of our lives. She opens up her and her husband’s apartment every so often so that us girls can come visit with her. Her openness and genuineness makes me feel such a sense of belonging, and I’m excited to continue getting to know her.

One of my favorite things about Walther happens every evening.  At the end of the day when the resident assistants (RAs) are on duty, they always say, “Welcome home,” as residents enter the Walther lobby. This always makes me smile and reminds me that I have truly been blessed to be in a community of amazing, inspiring, and genuine girls in my dorm. And I’m thankful that for the extent of my college career, I get to call Walther Hall, “home.”

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Laura Prosapio

Psychology and English Major | Class of 2016

Laura is a junior from Chicago double-majoring in Psychology and English. She has continued her high school passion for music by participating in Evangel’s Concert Choir. Her favorite thing about attending Evangel is living and learning with a community of believers who encourage her walk with God.

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