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Burgess Hall: Unique puzzle pieces, beautiful picture

January 30th, 2014 | Hannah Beers

Dorms: the fear of incoming college freshmen everywhere. Will I like my roommate? How will I fit all my clothes in that closet? Will I make friends? Curfew? Room checks? Events? It’s a new world — a new, very scary world.

So, I’m here to be your friendly guide on my personal favorite dorm at Evangel University: Burgess Hall.

Imagine this: It’s move-in day. You’ve made the long and impending drive with your family. Your car is full, your emotions are running high, and you’re filled with this sense of surreal reality. You step into Burgess and the first face you see is a smiling and cheery friend: your RA.

I won’t say Burgess is a family — because that’s what everyone says. Burgess is a group full of strangers — strangers from different states, countries, and worldviews. We look differently, think differently, and communicate differently. I can’t tell you that we’re the sporty hall or the smart hall or the artsy hall. We are each unique. We are a puzzle.

Burgess House Party 2013

Burgess House Party 2013

Yes, a puzzle. As a bunch of individual pieces, no one understands how they’ll fit together, but once they are in place, it’s a beautiful start to an exciting life. It’s Burgess hall.

On top of the wonderful campus-wide events at Evangel University, Burgess holds its own. Hall chapels, floor devotionals, and floor events both challenge and encourage each young woman present. Burgess House Party – an event held late in the first semester – takes weeks of preparation and some quality acting, but gives the entire campus a fun night.

I am a firm believer that God guides your steps. I believe he was an intricate part of my enrollment at EU, my choice of Burgess hall, my floor and my roommate. Whatever resident hall you choose at Evangel, it will be the right one. Just know that Burgess may be the most fun!

Want more? See more photos from Burgess House Party.

Hannah Beers

Hannah Beers is a junior Advertising/PR and Government/Pre-Law double major from Steelville, Missouri but destined for Washington, D.C. As Evangel Student Government Association Senate President, Evangel College Republican Chair, Missouri Federation of College Republicans secretary, a photographer, and founder of the Insecurely Movement, she's almost too busy to write this blog. But, she loves sharing about Evangel, and she's not very good at saying no, so she's sharing the journey here.

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