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Spring break on Capitol Hill

March 13th, 2014 | Hannah Beers

Spring Break – a week of vacationing and rest for some, and for others, a week of adventure.

For me, that adventure was the Washington Studies program in Washington, D.C. A two week-trip put on by the Social Science Department, this adventure could easily be placed in the running for the best two weeks of my life.

I forgot how much I loved the city – the city where history is made and the world is changed. Have you ever stepped foot into a place and felt like you belonged there? That’s how I felt – about the entire city. So much so, that I’m currently post-trip depressed.

This trip is a combination of all the things that make me happy – learning about history, working on Capitol Hill and coffee. From the night we got there when we toured the snow-laden Capitol, to the meetings with White House officials and ambassadors, to answering phone calls in the office of a congressman, my life was changed.

Washington StudiesThere is a constant state of action that happens in the city of Washington. Everything is fast: walking, talking, working and eating. Hey, even sleep is fast there. But, it’s exciting. The pace is fast and the adrenaline is high.

I also learned that if you have a legitimate concern, you really should call your congressman! Believe me. They want to hear from you. You are the ones they represent. Be an active citizen!

I can’t tell you that the trip was relaxing. It wasn’t. It was exciting and riveting and eye opening. It was skirts with tennis shoes, metro rides with strangers, and handshakes with friendly small talk. It was early morning and sore feet. It was wherever you could find a table and long coffee lines. It was wonderful.

Evangel has so many opportunities for travel like this. If I wasn’t a student here, there’s no way I could get a weeklong internship that would continue into a summer opportunity. There’s no way I would have been able to meet with the Faith Based and Neighborhood Initiative director at the White House. There’s no way I would have been able to hang out in the place that Supreme Court Justices spend their free time. These opportunities are strictly Evangel, and I couldn’t be prouder to be in a place that that is the case.

If you need me, I’ll be daydreaming about being back in the most beautiful city in the world.

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Hannah Beers

Hannah Beers is a sophomore Advertising/PR major from Steelville, Missouri, a town she says is "literally smaller than Evangel." As sophomore class president, College Republican president, a member of Excalibur yearbook staff, a photographer and founder of the Insecurely Movement, she's almost too busy to write this blog. But she loves sharing about Evangel, and she's not very good at saying no, so she's sharing the journey here.

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