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The importance of good history for social well-being

August 18th, 2014 | Dr. Dale Garrett

One of the great challenges of military conquest is transitioning territory from combat “boots on the ground” operations into a productive society functioning on a daily basis. Those who have studied how to bring these changes about understand the importance of changing the thinking the masses have concerning their own history.

Consider that Hitler had an entire department dedicated to “re-educating” youth, Mao Tse-Tung jeopardized his entire country’s economic well-being to advance his “new thinking” policies, and long ago Nebuchadnezzar selected young men from conquered lands to lead re-education efforts.

Yes, the way one thinks about his or her past has an important bearing on how they will approach their future.

Example: Have you been taught that America has been tyrannical and usurped (stolen) the world’s resources for selfish purposes? Or have you been versed in the idea that America became the most plentiful land (perhaps in history) by adhering enough to Judeo-Christian values that it allowed the blessings of God to become available to us?Your answer will likely dictate your advocacy over what we should do as a nation in the future.

If you believe America prospered by usurping the resources of the rest of the world the response would be to give it back in the most judicious manner possible (although I notice that those who advocate such actions are interested in giving their neighbors stuff back a lot faster than returning their own). If you believe we have prospered by adhering to fundamental eternal truths that invited the blessings of our Creator then the response would be to articulate those truths more clearly and teach them to others so they too can be blessed.

What is your heritage? If I can teach you to doubt or, better yet, abhor your past I can make you an easier target for conquest. One old dictator referring to the United States of America took off his shoe and pounded it on the podium proclaiming, “We will bury you,” later adding “we won’t have to fire a shot.”

Now documents recently made public shows his nation put together formal plans for accomplishing his quest, a major part of which called for re-education efforts. Although the plan apparently failed in the near-term, one wonders with the rapid disintegration of American society we are now experiencing, whether the re-education process is having a more devastating effect than originally thought.

Dr. Dale Garrett

Dr. Dale Garrett

Dr. Dale Garrett joined the faculty at Evangel University after retiring as a Lt. Col. from the United States Air Force in 2004. During his 24-year career with the USAF, he was selected as a squadron-level commander three separate times and also chosen as part of a select group of five, setting up bomber operations for Operation Desert Shield/Storm. When he’s not teaching class he loves being on the football field, serving as a volunteer running backs coach for the Evangel Crusaders.

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