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Sophomore Peace Aisogun, whose family is originally from Nigeria, makes a conscious effort to experience new cultures (including campus life) and give back to her college and local communities.

Evangel student contributes to 100 year celebration of the Assemblies of God

Next week, the Assemblies of God will celebrate 100 years. Evangel University has shared many moments in this history, but what does the face of the next 100 years look like? Evangel sophomore ...

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Even with no team, Bethany Davis found a reason to run

For three years, Bethany Davis ran 30 to 40 miles each week, even though she was no longer part of a cross county team. Something was urging her on. “I turned down scholarships to run ...

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STEM camp

EU grads launch science and technology camp for kids

What do you do if you are an educator, and you can’t find the right summer enrichment programs for your young children? You create your own! Aimee Gerla is a 2000 Business Education graduate of ...

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Evangel ranked one of the most beautiful Christian college campuses in the world

People love lists and rankings. Daily we see magazines, newscasts and websites alike featuring Top 10 lists. Some lists can be serious, like those in Consumer Reports. Others are just fun. ...

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Vanna Bushong

Evangel graduate puts degree to work designing touchscreen applications at ESPN

Vanna Bushong is a 2010 graduate of Evangel University. She is the mastermind behind some of the graphics you see on ESPN. She is humble. She is straightforward. And she is on an incredible ...

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Soccer programs to launch for men and women in 2015-16

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HeartSong ministers at historic sites during Italy tour

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Members of Evangel University’s HeartSong group explore the ruins of the Forum in Rome during their spring break trip to Italy. Photo by Sein Kwon.

Experience Your Faith in the Real World

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