Behavioral Sciences

Department Chair

Donna Washburn – Social Work Program Field Coordinator

Mehleena Maigi – Social Work Program Assistant and Secretary

Darla Snavely – Administrative Assistant
Becki (Ohlin) Iannone – Office Assistant


Bob Cirtin
Criminal Justice and Sociology

Dr. Grant Jones
B.S. Evangel University
M.A. Missouri State University
Ph.D. University of Missouri, Columbia
Dr. Alina Lehnert
B.B.A. Evangel University
M.S. Missouri State University
Ph.D. Regent University
Lacey Nunnally
Social Work Program Coordinator
Jean Orr
Dr. Heather Kelly
B.A. Bethany Bible College
M.A. Fuller Theological Seminary
Psy.D. Fuller Theological Seminary
Christine Arnzen  Deborah Johnson

Adjunct Faculty

Lisa Cozby Tim Dygon
James Howser Dr. Mary Ann Jennings
Aaron Joifrita Jennifer Kent
Keith Ray Mackie Jamie Norman
Kevin Qualls Stephanie Gerlek
Sheri Phillips Jared Pingleton
Kelly Ward  Susan Tolbert
Michael McClure Katelin Strand
Lacey Nunnally

Lacey Nunnally: Social Work Program Director

Social Work Program Director Lacey Nunnally, a Mississippi native, obtained both her undergraduate degree and Master of Social Work from the University of Southern Mississippi. She has experience working in nursing homes and rehabilitation centers and has owned a consulting business to deal with social work compliance in long-term care facilities. Nunnally came to teach ...

Categories: Social Work

Robert Cirtin

Robert Cirtin: Criminal Justice program director

Robert Cirtin brought his extensive law enforcement and sociology background to Evangel in 1991. Cirtin is the designer, founder and current head of Evangel’s Criminal Justice program. Along with teaching, Cirtin is the owner of Robert Cirtin Investigations, LLC, which provides investigative services to government agencies, businesses, law firms and insurance companies. He also owns ...

Categories: Criminal Justice, Sociology

Donna Washburn

Donna Washburn: Social Work Program field coordinator

Donna Washburn, MSW, LCSW, is a 1998 graduate of Evangel University’s Social Work program. She went on to receive her master’s degree from Missouri State University and eventually returned to teach upper level social work courses at Evangel in 2000. She also became coordinator of the EU’s evening Human Services Program. Washburn was named chair ...

Categories: Social Work, Sociology

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