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ECTV: Evangel Cable Television studio set



Evangel Cable Television is the campus cable television station, which broadcasts both campus and national events. ECTV seeks volunteers and trained students in television production classes to help produce its shows. ECTV is also a CNN affiliate and receives news feeds, sound bytes and pictures through a satellite system. The studio is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, including 3-chip video cameras, nonlinear edit bays, computer graphics systems and professional lighting.

ECTV produces programming in the field such as football games and lawn concerts using its mobile production vehicle. This vehicle acts as a production control room with four cameras. Students involved at ECTV gain valuable experience that employers are looking for. Students have many opportunities for hands-on training as they produce programming for the campus and the city of Springfield, MO. ECTV broadcasts 24 hours-a-day on campus Channel 12 and during primetime on Channel 27 of Mediacom Cable of Springfield. Each week, Communication students produce a live local newscast called Newswatch, an Evangel sports program calledECTV Sports Update, and a contemporary Christian music video program called Strobelight. ECTV also produces other specials programs such as football and basketball games, concerts and campus events. Dr. Cameron Pace is the faculty adviser.

“I am grateful for the chance Evangel has given me to produce a television show.  I feel it wouldn’t have been possible at a state school until I had been in the program for two or three years.”
-Derick Smith, alumnus and former producer of ECTV’s Sports Update

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Evangel students broadcast news each week from the ECTV studios on campus.

Newswatch is a weekly newscast featuring campus and national news, weather forecasts, and regional sports. Student anchors host the show as other students fill production crew positions including producer, director and television graphics. Newswatch has been recognized nationally by the Society for Collegiate Journalists and the Association of Christian Collegiate Media. Newswatch is an affiliate of CNN Newsource which provides national news feeds and scripts for student broadcasts. Student reporters are assigned stories related to campus and local news events.

ECTV Sports Update

Anchors broadcast updates on Evangel athletic Events from the ECTV studio.

ECTV Sports Update is Evangel’s longest running weekly program. For more than 17 years, this program has featured the Evangel athletic teams and coaches, keeping the viewer up-to-date on the latest Crusader action. Student anchors report the latest sports news and interview the coaches about the games most recently played. Players and sports writers from campus and local media often are featured guests. Television Workshop students help fill crew positions and are assigned stories covering Crusader sports. ECTV Sports Update has been recognized nationally as an outstanding program by the Society for Collegiate Journalists and the Association of Christian Collegiate Media.

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