One of Evangel’s greatest strengths is our professional, caring faculty. The Music Department includes some of the region’s strongest performers, conductors and teachers. Our music faculty contribute actively to the vibrant artistic life of the Evangel campus, the Springfield community and the church body. They are recognized throughout the country as skilled performers, scholars and teachers. They participate in important professional organizations, conferences and events. Moreover, Evangel’s faculty share a common commitment: giving their best for their students. Our professors work together to build up each student musically, academically and spiritually; and with 11 full-time faculty, our students receive individualized attention.

Interim Department Chair

Tom Matrone (2003)
A.A., Zion Bible Institute
B.M.E., Northwest College
M.M., Drake University
(Applied area – piano)

Ashley Brown – Administrative Assistant
Tonya Thurman – Administrative Assistant

 Music Faculty

Starla Blair (2011)
(Applied area – string techniques)
Eric Jackson (2009)
B.M., Missouri State University
M.M., Indiana University
(Applied area – horn)
Robert Baker (2011) Linda Ligate – Professor (1986)
B.M., University of British Columbia
M.M., University of Illinois
D.M., Florida State University
(Applied area – piano)
Dr. Bonnie Jenkins (1993)
B.M.Ed. Evangel University
M.S. Missouri State University
Ph.D. University of Missouri, Columbia
(Applied area – voice)
Joel Griffin
B.A., Missouri Southern State University
M.M., Missouri State University
Director of Jazz Studies
(Applied area – saxophone)
Timothy Wootton (2007)
B.M., Missouri State University
M.M., Arizona State University
(Applied area – trumpet)
Matt Moore (2009)
B.A., Evangel College
(Applied area – trombone)
Kathleen Cowens (2008)
B.M., Missouri State University
M.S., Missouri State University
(Applied area – flute)
Gregory Morris – Professor (1999)
B.M.E., Evangel College
M.M., Texas Christian University
D.M.A., University of North Texas
(Applied area – piano)
Larry Dissmore – Professor (1988)
B.M.E., University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
M.M., Wichita State University
D.M.A., University of Missouri-Kansas City
(Applied areas – violin, viola)
Jason Salazar (2007)
B.A., Evangel University
M.M., Missouri State University
(Applied area – music industry)
William Elliott (2011)
(Applied area – cello)
Sheri Slater (2000)
B.M.E., Evangel College
M.M., Texas Tech University
D.M.A., Texas Tech University
(Applied area – clarinet)
Dawn Gutierrez (2011)
(Applied area – applied voice)
Susan Smith – Associate Professor (1980)
B.M.E., Oral Roberts University
M.S., Southwest Missouri State University
(Applied area – voice)
Riley Robison
(Applied area – bass)
Lia Southern
(Applied area – bassoon)
Daniel Gutierrez
(Applied area – voice)
Mark Lawley (2010)
B.M., Evangel University
M.M., Missouri State University
(Applied area – applied voice)
Darice Augustson
(Applied – harp)
Randall Wildman (2011)
(Applied area – applied piano)
Robin Hendry (2003)
B.M., St. Louis Conservatory of Music
(Applied area – percussion)
Sharon Wilkins (1984)
B.M.E., Evangel College
M.A., Drury College
(Applied area – piano)
Jane Harris (1991)
B.A. Washburn University of Topeka
M.A. Missouri State University
(Applied area – piano)
Matthew Moore
B.A. Evangel University
M.A. Evangel University
 Maria Hensley (2011)
(Applied area – oboe)
 Daniel Hancock
(Applied area – organ)
Dr. Grace St. Pierre
(Applied area – voice)
Jena Cantrell
(Applied area – voice)
tom matrone

Tom Matrone: Interim Music department chair and Worship Arts director

Tom Matrone has been a minister of music with the Assemblies of God fellowship for more than 25 years. He serves as Evangel’s director of choral activities and advises the Chapel worship teams that minister on a rotating basis during each semester. Matrone is a graduate of Northwest College, and earned his Master of Music degree from ...

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May 11, 2014

Dr. Bonnie Jenkins: Director of HeartSong

Dr. Bonnie Jenkins has a full-circle Evangel story dating back to 1971. That’s when she began studying music at EU en route to a bachelors degree in Music Education. Her first stint teaching in the music department began immediately after graduation and continued until 1987. Jenkins and her husband Doug then spent a number of years ...

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Joel Griffin: Director of Jazz Studies

Joel Griffin had never been around great live jazz music until his junior year of high school. That’s when his band director took him to a music camp that featured Jim Widner’s Big Band. During a show, the group’s saxophonist Kim Park took off on a solo that altered Griffin’s course. “My mouth dropped open ...

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Salazar, Jason Sp'14

Jason Salazar: Assistant professor of music and Immanence director

Jason Salazar, assistant professor of music, has been a member of the music faculty at Evangel since 2007. Along with teaching a variety of music courses, he directs Evangel’s touring worship band, “Immanence.” Salazar graduated from Evangel in 1998. He then served as minister of music at churches in California and Texas. In 2001, he ...

Categories: Music (Bachelors of Science), Music Business, Music Technology

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