Admission to the Department of Music

The Department of Music at Evangel University is grateful that you are considering admission to the Music Department for study. All Students who wish to pursue any music degree at Evangel University must complete the admission process outlined below.

It is recommended that students first be accepted to the university before applying for admission to the music program. The admission requirements include an audition, sight-reading exam, and one reference.


  • Submit a completed Department of Music Application/Scholarship form (this includes the completion of one Applicant Recommendation).
  • Audition in the primary area of study (voice, keyboard, or instrumental). Repertoire suggestions can be found here.* It is preferred that auditions occur on designated audition dates (i.e., Music Days). If these dates are not possible, an audition by appointment can be arranged through the Department of Music Office. The admission audition can also be used as the scholarship audition.

Based on audition in chosen area, a student may:

•Be given full acceptance into the music major curriculum.

•Be accepted on a conditional status for a period of one semester at which time they must re-audition during the semester jury exam.

•Be advised to pursue another area of study or possibly to minor in music.

Recorded Auditions

1. If a live audition is not possible, a high quality CD, DVD or Digital Audio File is acceptable.

2. Recording must include examples of performance on primary instrument or voice. Multiple instruments are acceptable.

3. Repertoire suggestions can be found at <>

4. Recordings should total no more than 15 minutes.

All materials are due by March 1st

Special on-campus audition (Music Days) days:

February 15, 2016

*NOTE: The audition will be applied for both admittance to the department and for departmental performance scholarships.

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