Science and Technology

Department Chair

Dr. Michael Tenneson
B.A. University of California, Los Angeles
M.S. University of North Dakota
M.A. Assemblies of God Theological Seminary
Ph.D. University of Missouri, Columbia

Jozette Ausbury– Administrative Assistant


Dr. Fred Fortunato
B.S. Youngstown State University
M.S. Purdue University
Ph.D. Purdue University
Chemistry, Physics/Engineering
Jason Streubel
B.A. Northwest University
M.S. Washington State University
Ph.D. Washington State University
Biology, Environmental Sciences
Erica Harris
B.S. Evangel University
M.S. Missouri State University
Biology, Laboratory Manager
Dr. Jeremy Harris
B.A. Evangel University
M.A. Missouri State University
M.B.A. Missouri State University
Ph.D. Nova Southeastern University
Computer Science
Dr. Duane Huechteman
Math, Math Education
B.A. Evangel University
M.A. Southwest Missouri State University
Ed.D. Nova Southeastern University
Douglas Mitcham
B.S. Evangel University
M.S. Boston University
Computer Science
Dr. Don Tosh
B.A. University of Guelph
M.S. University of Alberta
Ph.D. University of Alberta
Math, Statistics
Diane Twigger
B.S. Evangel University
M.S. Missouri State University
Matthew DeVore
B.S. Evangel University
Ph.D. University of Kansas
Joshua Kendall
B.A. Northwest University
M.S. Washington State University
Ph.D. Ohio State University

Adjunct Faculty

Bill Hill
B.S. Evangel University
M.S. Missouri State University

Julie Mayne
B.S. Evangel University
M.S. Missouri State University

Dr. Glenn Bernet

Rebekah Austin

Dr. Bruce Hedgepeth

A.A.S. Oregon Institute of Technology
B.S. Arizona State University
M.D. University of Arizona College of Medicine
Residency: Southern Illinois University
Fellowship: Duke University

Dustin Cox




Dr. Josh Kendall: Ecologist seeking to meet physical needs in a tangible way

Dr. Josh Kendall has his Ph.D. in Soil Microbial Ecology and he’s thoroughly studied disease control through agriculture. He seeks to use his knowledge in the field of science to provide tangible help to those who live in polluted environments. Dr. Kendall says the best part about working in the Science & Technology department is ...

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Vision Magazine│Digging Deep with Dr. Dirt

See life through the eyes of biology professor Dr. Jason Streubel, one of Evangel’s resident world changers. As a young boy, springtime was one of my favorite times of the year. On any given Saturday you could find me wandering through an orchard of cherry trees in the farthest corner of Northwest Washington State. This ...

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Dr. Michael Tenneson: Biology professor with a passion for faith and science

Professor of biology Dr. Michael Tenneson has a passion for teaching and mentoring students who aspire to the enter the field of science. He was raised in Napa, California, and recognized early on that he had a special appreciation for the animals he cared for on his family’s small farm. He holds post-graduate degrees in ...

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Douglas Mitcham: Associate professor of Computer Science

Douglas Mitcham has been teaching computer science courses at Evangel since the fall of 1993. He also serves as Evangel’s faculty athletic representative. Mitcham attended Evangel from 1977-1980, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. Also a skilled athlete, he was a member of the first Evangel football team. In 1990, Mitcham earned his ...

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Erica Harris

Erica Harris: Assistant professor of Science and Technology and lab manager

Erica Harris joined Evangel’s faculty in the fall of 1998. Along with teaching biology and pre-med courses, Harris manages the labs in the Science and Technology Department and serves as faculty sponsor for medical mission trips with EU and HealthCare Ministries. Harris graduated from Evangel in 1995 with a B.S. in Biology and went on ...

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