Work Study Manual


The purpose of this handbook is to provide policies and guidelines relative to the Federal Work-Study program for students at Evangel University. It is to be a reference for all those involved – administration, faculty, staff, and students.

Efficient and effective operation of the Federal Work-Study program is our goal. The use of the policies, guidelines and procedures outlined in this handbook is intended to assist in that achievement. While adherence to the policies within this manual are expected, it should not supersede good, professional judgment and common sense.

The supportive attitudes and the spirit of cooperation evident throughout the participants of our program is one of the program’s greatest assets. It is truly appreciated by the
Financial Aid Office and the staff responsible for the operation and administration of the Federal Work-Study program at Evangel University.

Program description

The Federal Work-Study (FWS) program is a student employment program through which the federal government subsidizes earnings for hours worked in employment positions. The program fosters diverse employment opportunities, leadership development, transferable life skills, and personal career development of student employees. FWS is a need-based program of financial aid aimed at providing financial support while complimenting their college and career goals. Through the FWS program, students that demonstrate financial need on the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) may work to earn FWS dollars intended to assist them in defraying educational and living expenses while attending Evangel University. It is the responsibility of the student to attain a job since jobs are not assigned.

Types of FWS employment

Students that choose to participate in the FWS program may select one of the several areas of employment to earn their award amount. These areas include employment on-campus, in approved off-campus non-profit community service organizations and through participating in a reading program as described below. Students may select job placement from the list of job openings available online.


Students interested in working on-campus may select a job opening with one of our participating departments. Available job opportunities include office and clerical support, student services, research and laboratory support, computers, accounting, tutoring, and various specialized positions that may correlate with a student’s chosen degree. On-campus employment serves as a great opportunity to become involved in the campus community while gaining work experience at a close convenient location.

Community Service:

Students interested in this option may select a job placement off-campus in an approved, local non-profit community service organization. Students employed in this area perform direct service to our surrounding communities and citizens in need. Available job opportunities include tutoring, disability support services, social services, recreation, and more! Participating students are given the unique opportunity to make a positive difference in their own community while enjoying a rewarding and challenging work experience. All positions offer a flexible work schedule to accommodate students’ course schedule. For all inquiries on this department, please see the work-study coordinator.


Students serve as reading mentors committed to helping children read competently and independently. In this program, students are federally restricted to only tutoring in their activities and participation within this program.

Eligibility requirements

Students who are enrolled at Evangel University for at least 6 semester hours and seeking a degree are eligible to receive FWS. Eligible students must demonstrate a sufficient financial need, as calculated based on information reported on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to receive FWS (Federal Work-Study). To be eligible to work during the summer, students must have been enrolled in the spring term preceding the summer and/or pre-registered for the fall to work after July 1.

How to apply

To apply for participation in the FWS program, students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), mark “yes” to work on the FAFSA, and file this application with the federal processor. Once received, the federal processor will calculate the student’s financial aid eligibility and electronically transmit that information to the university. The Financial Aid Office will then award FWS to students who demonstrate sufficient financial need on a rolling fund availability. For priority consideration, students must annually meet the university’s priority filing deadline for completing the FAFSA which is March 1.

Securing job placement/hiring student workers


Jobs are not assigned to you, but rather employment requires your own initiative to obtain a work-study position. It is recommend that students choose no more than five job referrals during each search. (You may only hold one FWS job position at a time.) Contact employers as directed on the job listing. Inquire about the basic terms and conditions of the job, and arrange an informal interview time and date. Please note the date, time, location, name of the person with whom you will be meeting, any required documents (i.e. resume, class schedule), and a contact name and phone number in case you are unable to attend the scheduled interview.


When students make initial contact, please discuss the basic terms and conditions of the job and arrange an informal interview date and time. During this meeting, all formalities should be discussed. Please note that students cannot work without the completion of a work-study contract completed online.

Students and employers:

During the interviews, students and employers should discuss job duties pertaining to the possible position, days and hours needed to work, as well as the educational and professional development opportunities available. After completing the interview process, students and employers must determine if the job placement and student employment meet the needs of all involved. If the student changes job positions at any time, a new work-study contract must be completed by the new supervisor online and notify the work-study coordinator of necessary changes.

Summer work-study employment requires two separate work-study contracts; one contract for May and June and a second contract for July and August. The Financial Aid fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. Work study earned in May and June is applied toward the student’s previous year’s financial aid budget. Work study earned in July and August is applied toward the student’s future year’s financial aid budget. Students desiring to work past June 30 MUST have their next year’s FAFSA filed in time for the Financial Aid Office to confirm their eligibility for the award.

Please note:

Students and employers must notify the Financial Aid Office of any change in employment status, including change in department and position. Failure to do so may cause payroll difficulties or result in cancellation of the student’s FWS award. Wage increases can only be implemented after the student has worked for exactly one year for a department.

Starting employment

Personnel Files

Employers must maintain a personnel file on each work-study student within their department and document all occurrences.

Setting Work Schedules

Students and employers: Create a mutually agreeable work schedule that accommodates academic requirements. Scheduled work hours should not conflict with the student’s scheduled classes or academic progress. When creating work schedules, students and employers are advised to consider the following:

  • the student’s course schedule
  • academic requirements and exam schedules
  • the student’s FWS award amount and hourly wage

Students may continue working until the end of their authorized period of employment, or until their FWS award runs out, whichever comes first. Students may not, under any circumstance, continue to work under the FWS program after their authorized period of employment has ended or after depletion of their FWS award. It is the responsibility of the student and the employer to monitor earnings to be certain this does not happen.

Earning the FWS award

Employers & Students:

All FWS participants earn money from their FWS award through Evangel University’s payroll which issues a check bi-weekly. All paychecks are based on an hourly wage and include only hours worked. FWS earnings are not credited to a student’s account, but they are paid directly to the student unless otherwise authorized by the student through the completion of a request form from payroll. This authorization makes it possible to have the student’s paycheck directly deposited to his/her school account. The check is calculated to the nearest quarter of an hour for any time less than the whole hour i.e.…1hr 10min is 1¼ hour. All time cards must be signed by the direct supervisor and student in order for payment. Time cards are due every other Friday… no exceptions. Each time card must be totally complete with the dates and times worked.


All FWS employees must be placed on the university’s payroll system and the work-study contract submitted to the Financial Aid Office prior to the start of employment. Unless otherwise requested, all student paychecks will be forwarded to the student’s employing department for distribution. Community Service workers may pick up their paychecks from the Financial Aid Office.


Paychecks may be directly deposited into the student’s account, and in some instances mailed, per student request. Contact the payroll office for more information.

May I volunteer in a department?

You are not eligible to volunteer in a position that normally receives monetary compensation. This restriction includes students who have reached their work award limit.

Payroll procedures


Contact the Payroll Office to find out what forms and identification are required BEFORE beginning your employment.


The payroll office must obtain the following documentation for each student:

  • W-4 Tax Withholding Certificate
  • I-9 Employment Eligibility Form
  • Other documents as directed by the Campus Payroll Office. Call the Campus Payroll Office at 417-865-2811 extension 7311 if you have any questions about documentation.
  • All payroll documents received in the payroll office after 10 am Monday deadline will be held and delivered on the next scheduled delivery date as noted on the FWS Payroll calendar. In special situations, if you call in advance for approval, it may be possible for your staff to bring late forms to the payroll office for authorization.

Monitoring student FWS awards/departmental FWS allocations

  • All FWS student employees must discontinue participation in the FWS program and be deleted from FWS payroll upon depletion of their FWS award.
  • Departments must discontinue compensation through the FWS Program upon depletion of their assigned departmental FWS fund. They must terminate all FWS student employees.
  • Please refer all inquiries/requests for increases in student and/or departmental awards to the Financial Aid Office. Absolutely no changes will be accepted without Financial Aid Office approval.

FWS job classification and pay wage guidelines

In accordance with FWS program regulations, all employers must establish a job description, job classification level, and pay rate for each FWS position offered. While employers may determine the specific job title and duties for each position offered, all FWS positions must be classified in accordance with the FWS Job Classification and Pay Wage Guidelines. These guidelines are intended to insure pay equity among all, and should be used to establish hourly wages comparable to all other FWS students employed by the hiring department. While the Financial Aid Office requires compliance with these guidelines, federal regulations require that students be paid at least the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. Pay rates can increase in $0.15 increments for every year in the same position and may, in certain instances, exceed these guidelines if requested by the employer and approved by the Financial Aid Office. A student must hold the same position for a year prior to being eligible for a pay increase.

Sexual Harassment:

Evangel University is committed to fostering a positive learning, working, and living environment. The university will not condone sexual harassment or related retaliation of or by any employee or student.

Performance appraisals

Employers must evaluate all of their departmental FWS students at the end of each semester. Please discuss the appraisals with the students and give them feedback on their performance. The Work-Study Coordinator will send evaluation forms each November and April. Please keep a copy for your records and return the original to the Financial Aid Office. This evaluation is required in order to keep your allotted FWS monies and requires both employee/supervisor signatures. If the Financial Aid Office does not receive a signed appraisal form for all of your work-study positions then you are running a high risk of losing your work-study position(s).


Employers & Students:

While a student may discontinue employment at any time without penalty, a minimum of two weeks notice is requested when resigning from any FWS position.


Employees should submit such notice in writing directly to their supervisors and the Financial Aid Office, and include a specified final date of employment.


FWS employees may be terminated in writing with documentation to support the termination at any time for unsatisfactory performance. However, a written warning to the student is preferenced prior to termination. Insubordination is grounds for immediate termination. If no improvement has been resolved after a warning, then the supervisor may resort to termination provided that the written termination is completed/reviewed with the student worker and is submitted to the Work-Study Coordinator.

Grievance procedures

  • For discussion and resolution of problems that exist in the work place, students should always go to their immediate supervisor.
  • If the problem is not resolved to the student’s satisfaction after working with the immediate supervisor, they should contact the Work-Study Coordinator in the Financial Aid Office.

Job Transfers

Students who wish to transfer to a new job after the semester has begun must notify the Work-Study Coordinator in the Financial Aid Office and complete a new work-study contract.

Inclement weather

Employers & Students:

In the case of inclement weather, the campus or a portion of the campus may be closed for normal business operations either prior to or during a work shift. If this should occur prior to a work shift, dial “0” and say “snow” (or dial 7669) to check on the business operations for the day.


Please be aware that you will NOT be paid for hours you cannot work because the university is closed, even if you were scheduled to work that day.

FWS student rights and responsibilities

Each FWS Student has the right to:

  • The right to expect Evangel University to provide equal opportunities in employment without regard to sex, race, creed, national origin, age, or handicap.
  • The right to work free of the threat of actual incidence of either racism or sexual harassment.
  • Obtain information regarding the award amount, rate of pay, average number of hours per week, and general FWS policies.
  • A specific job description including supervisor’s expectations and standards.
  • A clearly defined work schedule that accommodates the student’s course schedule and academic requirements.
  • Adequate training to perform assigned tasks.
  • A safe, clean, and professional working environment.
  • Supervision and direction from Evangel staff.
  • Clear explanation of the procedures for recording hours worked, as well as information regarding the university’s payroll procedures and payroll calendar.
  • Instructions regarding procedures to be followed if the student cannot report for a scheduled work period.
  • A grievance procedure for stating concerns related to the award, the job, or the supervisor.
  • Confidentiality of all sensitive, work related information that the work-study student comes into contact with must remain private within that department.

Each FWS student has the responsibility to:

  • Become familiar with information provided regarding the terms of the FWS award and FWS program policies and procedures.
  • Understand the specific job responsibilities, including the supervisor’s expectations and standards.
  • Arrange a mutually agreeable work schedule with the supervisor prior to the period of employment. Students must adhere to this schedule and notify the supervisor of any subsequent changes.
  • Adhere to stated procedures and advise the supervisor and/or FWS Coordinator in the Financial Aid Office of any grievances, concerns, or problems regarding FWS employment.
  • Record only hours worked and receive payment in accordance with employer and Evangel payroll procedures and calendar.
  • Perform assigned tasks in an efficient and timely manner.
  • All sensitive, work related information that the work-study student comes into contact with must remain confidential within that department.

Employer responsibilities

The employer has the responsibility to:

  • Ensure that the hiring of FWS students will not result in the replacement of permanent, full-time staff or the impairment of existing contracts for services.
  • Ensure that FWS employees are supervised at all times by full-time university staff and that all work performed by FWS students is consistent with the purposes and intent of the FWS regulations and guidelines.
  • Pay students only for hours actually worked, and not pay students for lunch, sick days, or other hours not actually worked. Banking hours is prohibited.
  • Only allow FWS employees to earn FWS funds during the FWS award periods listed on each student’s Award Letter.
  • Make certain FWS student employees do not work more than the established number of hours per week set by their supervisor.
  • Establish an appropriate hourly wage in accordance with the FWS Job Classification and Pay Rate Guidelines.
  • Ensure that FWS funds will not be used to pay overtime compensation to any FWS employee.
  • Monitor each student’s accumulated FWS earnings and terminate the student’s employment after the student’s FWS fund is exhausted.
  • Monitor the accumulated earnings of all its FWS employees and terminate all FWS employment when the employer has exhausted its FWS allocation.
  • Comply with all Payroll Department procedures including but not limited to the submission of all payroll forms by the deadlines.
  • Comply with all FWS regulations, and all federal, state, and local labor laws and regulations.
  • Advise students on procedures to follow for reporting emergencies, accidents, problems, or potential hazards in the work environment.
  • Comply with the Title IV Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1983 and not discriminate on the grounds of sex, race, color, national origin, or disability.
  • Provide proper working conditions and permit the Financial Aid Office to inspect the premises if it elects to do so.

It is an automatic and immediate termination if a student is caught stealing, falsifying time cards, releasing confidential information, insubordination or if suspended/withdrawn from school or drops below half-time (6hrs).

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