Health and Safety

The Evangel University Music Department takes an active role in the education of student musicians concerning health issues associated with musical practice and performance. The department also insures that the teaching and practice spaces provide a safe environment for the students and teachers

Diagnosis and Treatment for Musician Specific Injuries 

Each year, the department meets with all music students, regardless of major, to discuss best practices for safety. Information shared includes the dissemination of resources dealing with the diagnosis and treatment for specific injuries and problems associated with musicians. Studio instructors are directly involved in this process. If you believe that you are developing a performance injury, you are encouraged to contact their studio instructor as soon as possible.

The campus Health Center provides medical treatment for illness and minor injuries, provides health education, and promotes physical and mental health. A referral service is also provided. The Health Center is open weekdays during the academic year except for holidays. The nurse practitioner is available for confidential treatment and consultation with an emphasis on personal responsibility and wellness. All registered students are eligible for these services. Information is made available to the students via the Student Handbook (

There is a special emphasis given to music students regarding the protection of their hearing. The NASM document, “Protecting Your Hearing Everyday,” is made available to all students, both hard copies in the Department of Music office and the Department of Music website (download PDF). Additionally, special precautions are taken with ensembles and classes that are inherently loud and can lead to hearing damage, i.e., Marching Band, Drumline, etc. These include the distribution of ear-plugs before each rehearsal and performance and when possible, the use of rehearsal venues that allow the sound to “escape.”     

Student Employee Procedures

The policies and procedures for students working on campus are made available on-line via the Evangel University website and Employee Portal. All procedures, including those dealing with health and safety are reviewed each year with every student that is employed through the Federal or State Work-study Program by their supervisor. In addition, the university observes and implements the best practices seen at other member NASM institutions. This includes suitable choices of equipment and technology, safe operation of the equipment and technology, and the evaluation of acoustic condition associated with safe practice in rehearsals, performances, facilities, etc.

On-line Resources

Castonguay, David Otis. Maintaining Vocal Health. 2005

For Pianists: Wristen, Brenda, et al. Wellness Curriculum OutlineExtensive resources from the Frances Clark Center for Keyboard Pedagogy.

Jones-Bey, Ali. Hands On: How to Avoid and Treat Guitar-Related Hand InjuriesAn in-depth exploration on risks, prevention, problems, and treatments of guitar injuries. Includes resources for further reading.

Lieberman, Julie Lyonn. The Importance of SetupStrings Magazine. May/June 2000. This article, specific to violinists and violists, discusses the importance of a well-fitted chin and shoulder rest for comfortable playing.

McComb, Ron. Colorado Brass and Woodwinds: Musician Health Exercises. A compilation of links for brass, woodwind, and guitar players; includes both musician health topics and exercises.

Performing Arts Medical Association (PAMA) Medical problems in Performing ArtistsOfficial journal of the Performing Arts Medical Association (PAMA). Current issues and archives available online and in the Collins Memorial Library.

Safety and Health in Arts Production and Entertainment (SHAPE). Musicians and MSI: Symptoms and Types of InjuriesA brief outline of injuries common to different instrumentalists; includes tables to evaluate the severity of your pain. Available outline in pdf format.

Voice Care Team. The Voice Problem Website2004. An in-depth, medical resource on voice problems, (not specific to singers); overviews of voice disorders and anatomy and physiology of voice production.

Athletes and the Arts is an initiative focused on linking the sport athlete and musician/performing artist communities through collaborative exchange and application of wellness, training, and performance research and initiatives.

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