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Alesha Ebeling (’09): African Children’s Choir tour administrator and chaperone

September 5, 2011

Alesha Ebeling, a 2009 Evangel graduate, recently volunteered to travel across the United States and Canada as a chaperone and administrator for a 15-month tour with the African Children’s Choir. She, along with the other chaperones, provided care to 23 children, overseeing their spiritual and emotional development, discipline, safety, health and daily needs. As the trip administrator, Ebeling was responsible for the finances and record-keeping of choir events on the tour.

As a student at Evangel studying Business Management, Ebeling participated in three short-term service trips to Greece, Peru and South Africa. “These times of serving and reaching out to those in need gave me a heart for the world,” Ebeling says. Her trip to South Africa with the Business Department in 2008 greatly impacted Ebeling. “The seed was planted; that’s where my heart for Africa grew, and I knew I wanted to impact Africa somehow,” Ebeling says.

Following this trip during the fall semester of her senior year, Ebeling saw a flyer in the student union advertising a nearby concert for the African Children’s Choir. “While soaking in the concert that night, I knew that was what God was calling me to,” Ebeling says. “I knew that I would be a part of making a difference in Africa through mentoring and discipling these children.”

During her 15-month adventure with the choir, Ebeling traveled with seven other chaperones and the 23 children as they performed in many churches, theatres and other venues across the United States and western Canada. “The children and chaperones that I toured with have become a family to me,” Ebeling says.

The funds raised during this tour went to supported more than 8,000 children that Music for Life, the parent organization of the African Children’s Choir, cares for. This organization is devoted to caring for abandoned and neglected children in several African countries. Additionally, the children are supported and sponsored by Music for Life all the way through their college education.

“The African Children’s Choir does a great job of helping Africa and raising up kids to become future leaders of Africa,” Ebeling says.

After such an incredible experience, Ebeling is not taking her college education for granted. “There were many times on tour where I found myself using the skills and knowledge that I gained at Evangel,” Ebeling says. “There are different seasons and times in life, and I feel that my time at Evangel was a season of preparation and growth.”

Ebeling hopes to use her experiences to one day work with a nonprofit organization that cares for and supports children and hopes to return to Uganda and Kenya to see “her kids” again.

“The children were always so full of joy and resilience,” Ebeling says. “They had come from so little, but they knew where the source of their joy came from. I could never have imagined the amazing and life-changing journey it would be.”

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