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Esy Jurado: Broadcasting major and Philippines native

January 1, 2012

Originally from the Philippines, Broadcasting major Esy Jurado and her family moved to the United States during her high school years. She learned about Evangel at the National Fine Arts Festival and instantly knew Evangel was where she wanted to be. As an international student, Esy has made an easy transition into college life. Upon graduation in 2014, she hopes to go back overseas to work in the Philippines or another Asian country, and as a speaker of three languages — Filipino, English, and Japanese — her opportunities in the broadcasting industry are abundant.

Why did you choose to come to Evangel?

I chose Evangel because it suits my ideal of what college should be. I wanted to go to a Christian institution no matter what. I learned about EU from National Fine Arts. The moment I saw the pamphlet they gave out, I told myself I would love to go to that university and the rest is history.

Did you visit Evangel’s campus before you arrived on campus as a student?

Yes, I did. I went to EU: 24 two years in a row. One was during the fall of my junior year, and the other time was during my senior year of high school.

Did you receive financial aid?

I don’t get any federal loans or grants because I am an international student and I am not eligible, but I got scholarships from the university for having good grades and participating in Fine Arts.

Were there any obstacles you overcame in coming to Evangel?

Yes, there were obstacles. Being an International student and not being able to have financial assistance, my parents and I were worried about finances. Through God’s grace and provision, I am able to come to Evangel.

How did you decide on your particular area of study?

I have always been fascinated with live productions ever since I was a kid. Moving here in the U.S., I was given a chance to be involved with my high school’s TV program. I was an active member of our TV club for two years. Also, my TV advisor encouraged me to pursue a degree in communications.

What are the benefits of attending a smaller university?

One of the major benefits of attending a smaller university is building relationships. Students build relations with professors, staff, employees, and fellow students. That is one thing I like about Evangel. Professors are always approachable, and employees always carry a smile on their faces that makes you feel at home.

How has Evangel’s broadcasting program prepared you for your future career?

Evangel’s broadcasting program is very personal and hands-on. The classes give you opportunity to not only be book-smart but also be practical and hands-on in the communication field.

What kind of educational/service/leadership opportunities have you encountered?

I am currently a scholar of the leadership program on campus and I took a beginning leadership class in the spring of 2011. Through that class I was able to volunteer to various community outreaches and programs. I am also part of Crosswalk’s Children’s Ministry. With this group, I was able to do community service at Boys and Girls Town and help out in churches that have children’s ministry programs.

When did your family move to Illinois?  How easy/hard was it to adapt to a new culture?

My family moved to Illinois on April 1, 2007. Personally, it was hard for me. I had already established friends back home. Also, I grew up in a very conservative Christian environment. Transitioning from my life in the Philippines to my new life here in America was a struggle. For instance, I have always been in a private Christian school all my life; coming here, I had to attend public school. It was really a challenge. I had to learn to adapt to the American culture and still maintain my own.

Why should a prospective student choose Evangel?

A prospective student should choose Evangel because we are true to what we say on those pamphlets and brochures they hand out to students – “Because you’re not just looking for a college, you’re looking for a calling.” I have been here in EU for a while, and I can proudly say I am on the path God wants me to be on. Also, I have heard this saying from different professors and alumni, “Relationships you build here in EU will last you a lifetime.” So far, I find this quite true. Evangel University will not disappoint you.

What advice would you give other ESL students who are considering attending Evangel?

Don’t be scared to get out of your comfort zone. Evangel is a very welcoming university and the Evangel community values individuality and culture. You guys [ESL students] are well taken care of. All you have to do is grab every opportunity you get from EU.

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