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Kevin King: Assistant professor of kinesiology and clinical education coordinator

February 20, 2012

Kevin King, assistant professor of kinesiology, has worked as an athletic trainer for all levels of athletes – from elementary school children to professional athletes. Prior to joining the Evangel faculty in 2007, he was the Program Director for Sport Strength and Conditioning for Cox Health Systems in Springfield, Missouri. He now instructs Athletic Training students. 

Outside of the classroom, King enjoys hiking and camping as well as watching his favorite sport, soccer. One of the highlights of his life was attending the 2002 World Cup in South Korea. He also travels outside the United States periodically on missions trips, having served in places like India, China and Kyrgyzstan.

Kevin and his wife, Kimberly, have three children, Kayleigh, Kannon and Kambell.

How did you become interested in kinesiology?

My interest in kinesiology really stems from a blend of interests in sports and the medical field. Athletic training is the purest blend of the two, making it a natural fit for me. I was also very interested in fitness programs and strength and conditioning for sports, which led to my higher education in kinesiology (exercise science specifically). Ever since I was running track in high school I have been interested in the schedule and design of training sessions and what makes them different for each sport.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

I have had several highlights in my career. It is always rewarding to work with a sport that is successful, and I have had some opportunities to work with teams that have made deep runs into playoffs on state and national levels. But the experience I prize the most actually came in the way of a couple of Evangel University students whom I supervised during their internships before I started working here on campus. Watching them learn and grow as clinicians was extremely rewarding and a big part of the reason I started teaching.

What do you enjoy most about teaching at Evangel?

My favorite part of teaching is watching students grow into capable clinicians who I know patients and clients will and should trust. Also Evangel students tend to be respectful and genuine in their speech and actions, and that is refreshing as a teacher.

What makes the Kinesiology program at Evangel special?

The Kinesiology Department at Evangel has great faculty with real world experience in their fields who genuinely want their students to be successful. But we take that a step further and prepare them to go out into the world and be difference makers for Christ.

What advice do you have for prospective students, especially those interested in pursuing a degree in Kinesiology?

Learn the science that backs what you are planning to implement as a clinician. It is good to know what kinds of exercise and physical activity are best used in different situations, but it is better to understand why those activities should be used. By understanding the science behind the decisions we make in manipulating different exercises and activities, we gain the ability to more efficiently manipulate and choose different exercises and activities in a given situation. This gives us as clinicians more control and therefore an increased ability to help our clients reach their goals safely and efficiently.

The second piece of advice is to stretch ourselves to learn about different sports teams or populations of people that we are not as familiar with. If we confine ourselves to only working with groups we are the most comfortable with from our high school experiences, we limit ourselves as clinicians, which limits our job opportunities and the amount of people we can help.

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