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Beth Norris: Art major

March 26, 2012

Beth Norris has a passion for art, and after visiting her sister at Evangel as a high school student, she knew that Evangel was where she wanted to be. The friendly atmosphere and reception she received from students captivated her, and discovering Evangel’s strong Art program was the clincher in her decision. Originally from Rochester, New York, Norris, now a junior, is thankful for the many friends she has attained, both peers and professors, who truly care about her and want to see her succeed in God’s calling on her life.

Why did you choose to come to Evangel?

I knew Evangel was a university where I would both grow in my faith and receive the education I needed to pursue a career in art. Evangel is the only Assemblies of God university that has an art program.

Did you visit Evangel before becoming a student?

My older sister went to Evangel; I visited her about once a year. Visiting Evangel made a huge impact on my college decision. Everyone was friendly and the general atmosphere was very warm.

Did you receive financial aid?

I received the Academic Achievement Award and the University Scholars award.

Were there any obstacles you overcame in coming to Evangel?

I think being 17 hours away from home was the hardest aspect of my first year at Evangel. It’s an adjustment attending college anywhere, but coming to Missouri not knowing anyone was difficult. I did make friends fast, however, and I know that I am supposed to be here.

How did you decide on your particular area of study?

I know God has given me a talent in the area of art, and I believe that we should all use whatever talents He has given us to glorify Him. I wanted to develop this talent so that I can make a bigger impact through it.

What is the value of being an Art major?

I love my art classes; I actually look forward to going. What other major allows you to do something fun, like paint, every day?

Have you discovered anything that you were not expecting as an Evangel student?

That college wasn’t exactly what I expected. Because high school came easy to me, I had to teach myself how to balance my time. The work load is heavier and there is so much that I want to get involved in. I have to pick and choose what I can allow myself to do. It’s a great time in my life, but it can’t be all fun and games all the time; I had to teach myself that.

What are the benefits of attending a smaller university?

I recognize everyone, and that gives the campus a personal feel. Also, I receive more one-on-one time with my professors. They know me and how I work.

How has Evangel’s Art program prepared you for your future career?

All the one-on-one attention that I receive from my professors has really helped me develop my skill. I can see how much I have really grown in only two years.

What kind of educational/service/leadership opportunities have you encountered?

As a sophomore, I have already had two semesters of practicum. I am already student-teaching in my current practicum. Also, I have been able to spend a lot of time helping create the set of Evangel’s current musical, “Hello Dolly.” When I first became involved, I knew nothing about set design. Now I am hoping it will become my minor.

What are your personal and career/ministry goals after college?

I would love to teach high school students in addition to doing some form of missions work overseas. Whatever God has in store.

Why should a prospective student choose Evangel?

You will grow, both spiritually and academically. The teachers as well as the friends you meet will really care about you and want to see you succeed. You will definitely be encouraged here at Evangel.

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