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Gabriel Mays: Audio/Video technical supervisor and KECC adviser

March 26, 2012

Since 2007 Gabriel Mays has worked at the pulse of Evangel’s media, managing the TV and radio studios, serving as the KECC radio station adviser and teaching several electronic media courses. In his free time Mays has also worked on several independent films, documentaries and music videos.  He has received numerous awards for his work, most recently taking home the award for Best Sound Design and Best Editing at the 2011 Springfield and the Ozarks 48-hour film festival.

A quick learner, Mays was producing, editing and directing his own television show by age 17. He also enjoyed success as an Evangel student, winning first place for both Sports and Feature Program at the Society of Collegiate Journalists in 2006 and gaining recognition as Outstanding Broadcasting Student at Evangel in 2007.

Mays is married to his wife, Lori, and their hobbies include traveling and riding motorcycles.

What made you interested in pursuing a career in film and broadcasting?

I first got involved in audio/visual at my church. I started out doing sound and then began to produce a weekly television program. I then branched out; I started making short films, music videos, and documentaries.

What programs were you involved in during your time here at Evangel?

When I first came to Evangel University I immediately got involved in ECTV and KECC. On ECTV, I started out as the technical director for Newswatch. I moved on to the director and then station manager. I was also the music director for KECC. A new film major had just been introduced and I was privileged to be the first director of EU Films.

What has been the most memorable moment of your career so far?

I have had so many memorable moments over my career. But for me, the joy has always been in the journey. I love the process. So many people always want to finish what they are working so they can move to the next project and forget to enjoy the moment. I have always tried to make sure that I enjoy the journey.

What is your favorite movie? Why?

I have so many movies that I like, it is hard to pick just one. If I had to pick one, it would probably be the 1968 classic “Bullitt” with Steve McQueen. It has one of the best car chase scenes ever.

What are some unique opportunities in Evangel’s Communication Department?

One of the greatest parts about Evangel is the size of the student body. We are a smaller university, which means you have more opportunities to get involved. You don’t have to wait until you are a senior to be a part of our award-winning student media. You can get involved right away and start building you portfolio.

What is your favorite part about working with Evangel students?

One of my favorite things about working with students is watching them find their calling in life. Most students come to Evangel and don’t know exactly what they want to do for a career. It is so enjoyable to watch how God reveal what his plan is for their life.

What advice do you have for potential students, especially those considering Evangel’s Communication Department?

Apart from attending classes and doing well in your studies. I would recommend getting involved in student media and doing an internship. Evangel offers so many opportunities to help build your portfolio outside of classes. Having those real world experiences are what will set you apart from everyone else in the work field.

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