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Jonathan Martz: Music Industry major and marching band leader

March 26, 2012

Jonathan Martz loves music; but he loves God more. The summer before his freshman year of college, Jonathan planned to march with the Cavaliers, an esteemed group of Drum Corp. International, and to journey from his hometown of Blue Springs, Missouri to attend a university in Indiana in the fall. God had another plan, and Jonathan remembers God’s tugging at his heart. “Over the summer I felt very distant from God, and I felt like I was running from His plans and trying to figure things out all by myself. So one day I was praying and I just said, ‘God if you want me not to march this summer and go to EU, I will.’ Instantly, I felt like a weight was lifted from me. I knew EU was where I needed to be.”

Jonathan is a part of many of Evangel’s performing ensembles. The sophomore Music Business major is the euphonium/trombone section leader for Evangel’s marching band that debuted in the fall semester of 2011.

Why did you choose Evangel?

I had originally planned on going to Ball State University in Indiana, but I really felt God calling me to Evangel. I felt such a connection with the staff here that I just knew it was God’s plan for me to come to EU.

Did you visit Evangel before you arrived on campus as a student?

I had visited the campus several times in the past, staying with people in my youth group that attend Evangel and coming forEU:24.

Did you receive financial aid?

Yes, the Zimmerman grant and an alumni scholarship.

How did you decide on your particular area of study?

I was never real big on school, but one thing that made my day fun was music and being in band. I decided I wanted to have fun for the rest of my life, so I chose music industry because I knew I didn’t want to teach, and it sounded like something I’d never get bored with.

What are the benefits of attending a smaller university?

Definitely the professors. They can give you one-on-one help, and they really care about you. They are incredibly qualified and know your potential, and they just push you to new limits with their hard work for you and encouragement.

What ensembles are you a member of and what instrument do you play?

I play trombone for Jazz Band, Concert Orchestra, University Orchestra and University Band. And I am the euphonium/trombone section leader for the new marching band in which I play euphonium.

What do you like about being an Evangel student?

One of my favorite things is getting to know all the other students and making friends that will last a lifetime because they all have similar goals and agendas. There’s really no need to try and impress others. We are truly a family, and no matter what you’re like, you’ll be accepted and loved. I know the bond I share with my floor S2S will never be forgotten. And just the love they share with everyone is outstanding because we all have the love of God in us at EU.

What kind of educational/service/leadership opportunities have you encountered?

Well, for the marching band, I will be section leader for the low brass, and for the Concert Orchestra, I was able to tour last semester and this semester. Just having the opportunity to serve God by playing at other churches with the talents God has given me is an incredible experience. I know that no other university gives you the opportunity to minister by traveling around and playing for services and sharing your testimony with strangers. It’s amazing to use the talents God’s given me to minister to others and really break out of my comfort zone for Him.

What are your personal and career/ministry goals after college?

I’m studying music technology, so recording music sounds like a good future to me. I would love to just play my trombone for the rest of my life and have fun making some music.

Why should a prospective student choose Evangel?

I know that personally I wouldn’t have grown in any other atmosphere. I know I would never have this type of spiritual, educational and emotional support at any other school. Everyone truly wants you to succeed, and without this encouragement and wonderful atmosphere, I would feel very stressed about my future. I know God has it all under control, and EU has really helped me understand that.

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